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  • Hey... what are your views about Home-SHop18 super deals ? Are they reliable ?

    I am just about to order Xperia SL there as I speak.. just waiting for your views !!

    My brother needs a dual-sim mobile for ~20k. He needs a "nice looking phone from a reputed brand", so ruled out Spice and Micromax. How is Canvas 2 BTW? Used it at my uncle's and it was quite good I feel. But that's not an option though. Some Sony or HTC? :|

    (Can't understand college students, ever)
    Want to learn about mobile processors, ram, gpu (or whatever you guys call them). But where to start?
    Guide me pls. :p
    Complete n00b here.
    So you suggest Xperia Mini ha.
    I think I'll compare both in the shops. Mom's parameters are very unlike ours you know. She will compare by colours available I'm quite sure :p
    Mini has a better processor but TOO less internal memory.. I wouldn't want a phone for mom which needs Apps2SD n all
    Also Tipo comes with ICS out-of-box as opposed to Mini's gingerbread. Does that matter? I think yes..
    lesser internal memory :(
    The links you've put up in the thread say that Xperia Tipo is the successor of Mini.
    Other than the camera does Mini win points elsewhere?

    Whcih one would win in a head to head comparison?
    Hey man.. my mom is looking for a new android phone around 10k. I checked your mobile buying advice thread and Xperia Tipo looks like the best option. Am I right? Please reply as soon as poss because we are gonna buy like tomorrow.
    Hew Sam Just wanted to Know about Link ICS BRICK

    I am new to android rooting and Other Android Stuff But Know every thing about the ios jairbreaks and Firmware.....

    Whats the Process here and what is that warning ....

    Also as I Understood ..First we need to root them Clockwork recovery then wipe and then CFW????
    Help Me
    He has experience with android, he used Galaxy Fit for about an year which is now to be returned to office. The reason he opts for android is Apps(to edit docs, read emails, record calls).

    BTW Just got to know it needs to be under 10k as office pays for phones under it :lol:
    Hey can you suggest an Android with good camera and decent battery? Main purpose is just calling, occasional photos and very occasional texting/net-surfing. Budget: 10-12k.
    PS: Didn't want to open a new thread as I'm in hurry so bye. :p
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