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    installing fedora on a primary partition

    i have 4 partitions, C:, E: F: and H:, i have winXP installed on C: and F:, can i install fedora on C: without disturbing the winXP installation on the F: drive?
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    help: soundmax drivers for RHlinux 9.0

    thanks, i will try those sites u mentioned!
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    help: soundmax drivers for RHlinux 9.0

    hi, i have installed redhat linux 9.0 on my system, my audio is analog devices soundmax and i am unable to find any drivers for my device could someone help me out by giving me a link to the download thanks in advance -Anirudh
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    USB 2.0 drivers required...

    okay guys, i've got a lil problem here, i have a intel motherboard, the 865GBF, which supports high speed USB 2.0, now the problem is, the cd supplied with the motherboard, haad usb2 drivers only for windows 98, the website has no drivers for XP. can someone help me find usb 2.0 drivers for the...
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    Funny Problem with HL2

    Helo ppl, I have this funny problem with half life 2, most of the times, the AI is frozen still, they do not respond at all, its like i can kill them all very easily, they dont attack,,, its asif the whole game is in a standstill, anybody know what the problem is??? ---Anirudh Rulez
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    Windows XP woes

    Hey guys, Thanx for your help, but i have used three anti-spyware tools as of now... Ad-Aware, Microsoft Anti-Spyware and Spybot, just to make sure... but although all the adwares have been cleaned, i still cannot get the full power of my machine... Also my commit charge is something like...
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    Windows XP woes

    also, my internet connection is a 128 - 512 Kbps line, although a speedometer shows speeds of 300 to 600 kbps, my dwnld speeds are never greater than 10 Kbps... what could be the reasons? ---Anirudh ---Sophonore ---Aurora
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    Windows XP woes

    Hey ppl, ive been usin Win XP for over 3 rsnow and my systems up-to-date with all the Win updates, recently XP'z been behaving strange... It has become damn slow and things take dreadfully long to load... my CPU's usage is never greater than 40% and im using a P4 2.8HT with 256 Mb RAM, i've...
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    Ragnarok Help

    hey guys, I need help here i just dont understand how to earn zeny in the game... ive been playing since long and can u plz tell me how to grow levels faster??? ---ANIRUDH ---SOPHOMORE ---HYDERABAD
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    odd folders........!

    Hey wait.... i know what they are, you must have probably used windows update right, when it automatically downloads and installs, it stores these files there, see if the folders contain something like uninstall or install info. they are probably created as backups.... check it out...
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    Small question to allya guyz out there

    Well, i tried that but isnt there someway i could put a movie as a folder background in WinXP
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    Java Programmers, help!!!!

    yaar i knew the code for a normal java progy, what i wanted was for an applet code..... which "bin" gave me, thanx m8
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    Java Programmers, help!!!!

    thanx ppl
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    Java Programmers, help!!!!

    guyz, can someone please tellme how to print this on screen using java applets??? * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * i didnt gettit tho i tried :(
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    help with JAVA

    well i managed to mess around and get it working,.... thanx for all the help guys!!! --Anirudh
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