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    Transferring data(pics mostly) from XIAomi Redmi Notie 4G to PC

    Flickr app is best to transfer data for your phone.
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    Involuntary software installation happening in a rooted Android phone

    I had also faced similar kind of issue but now it get solve.
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    microsoft lumia 535 supports 4G ?

    No. You can get 4G connection in new Android phones.
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    Moving whatsapp from windows phone to android phone? - spartakoss

    Yes, I agree with your point you can only transfer the conversation from Android to Android not from Android to Windows phone.
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    Rooted Mobile

    You can't get a rooted mobile after you buy you can root it by yourself.
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    want to upgrade my mobile within 30k

    You can go for SIAM 7x having cool features with best battery backup.
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    How to back up data from an Android phone with a damaged screen.

    You can use the most prescribed and most secure Android data recovery software. It has exceptional propelled usefulness to identify even nonworking Android phones and recuperate information from its inner memory. With the assistance of this software, one can viably recover data from Android...
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    Restore whatsapp messages?

    After reinstalling you can create a backup of your previous messages in your Google account. It will provide you option to do backup for daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.
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    Adaptable Storage Feature

    Some expert will surely provide you the correct answer. Well, I am happy to know about the adaptable feature of marshmallow. I hope if I will update my Android lollipop version it will work as told by you.
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    Install android 5 on moto g 2nd gen

    I want to know just that whether this is applicable for other Android phones also or only for MotoG?
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    Screen guards thread

    Really a valuable thread. Recently, I bought one dual screen phone and I am thinking for best screen guards. Here, I get lots of options.
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    Benefits of rooting and how to root yureka

    There are a number of benefits if you root your Android. Some of them are: Automotive function Unlock unseen features and install unsuited apps Blocks unwanted apps Backup your phone
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    Voice recording app for Windows phone

    According to me, Voice Recorder Pro+ is the good app for windows phones. One of my friends is using this but I like to use android phones.
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    Rooting Queries

    I will say that you rooting android phones should be done after the warranty period is over. Because manufacturer will not take any responsibility for it.
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    Suggestion for mobile promotion?

    I also agree with your idea. Social media is turned out to be the best platform to promote anything and for an app, I can only say that it will provide you immense success for the launch of your app.
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