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    Graphics card needed

    HD 4350 512 MB DDR3 for Rs.1900 *
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    Help in buying a psu.

    how do they calculate the output and the AC power consumption ??
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    New version of Google Search to make it faster, more accurate

    ^which browser do you use? you can easily change google's(or any other site) look using this
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    BIIIIIG Virus prob with Win7

    one can check the md5 of windows iso ..
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    BIIIIIG Virus prob with Win7

    actually at default UAC settings vista is safer than 7 (most probably)
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    Graphics Cards related queries here.

    Re: All Graphics Cards related queries here. are there any quiet and low power consuming gpu's in the low-medium budget segment ? by low power I mean something like 50-70w at load.
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    Me still loves my 5 year old logitech mouse. bought it for abt 300-400
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    SMPS for Pentium III 800 mhz

    I have a sahara 250W smps. See if can find one. It may not come without a cabinet though. This doesn't sound like an smps problem. Have you tried multiple media players to play mp4 files? Try using some other media player like smplayer or vlcplayer to play mp4 files
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    --=/*Youtube Videos*\=--

    lady scared to hell baap re baap. never seen someone get so scared
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    Windows 7 still needs anti-virus, susceptible to 8 out of 10 viruses

    IMHO The point here is about UAC in Win 7 VS vista's UAC and not about AV . The main thing being, that unlike vista , 7's default UAC setting can be easily bypassed by malware.
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    Not able to install any OS

    google gave me this
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    Compaq C700Tu Laptop for Sale in Delhi/NCR

    baap re! 150gb ka software!! :eek: can I ask the name of such software please
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    Download youtube videos automatically

    thanks for explaining in detail vamsi. I really appreciate it. :) parantu (but) , the thing this doesn't quite work, because the link one gets from youtube isn't permanent. It expires after a while, making queueing impossible :(
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    Eger to know

    every pirated game runs without CD or valid key. but a rip is one from which music/videos have been removed to make the download smaller.
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    Help: Bulk Email Sender....

    I am just guessing here- but can't you install an smtp server on your machine and then use that to send the mails ?
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