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    how to deploy java app??

    maybe u could try this:
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    Sorting a multidimensional list in python

    Hello I have created a multidimensional list in python I used the following code: r =[(300, 4), (5, 6), (100, 2)] I tried sorting it in ascending order using r.sort() and I get [(5, 6), (100, 2), (300, 4)] I want it to get sorted based on each on the 2nd element instead of the...
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    Dell Studio XPS 13 vs Macbook 13

    thank u desibond. I shortlisted mac book & not mac book pro coz of the cost factor. And GPU, I'll upgrade if it doesn't increase the cost too much. And I'll check HP HDX notebooks....
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    Dell Studio XPS 13 vs Macbook 13

    Hello friends, I'll be leaving to US this month end to pursue my Masters degree. I want to buy a good laptop for me in US. I looked at laptops at a budget of 1000$ and shortlisted Dell XPS 13 & Macbook 13. Please help me select between the 2. Or if there is any other laptop having...
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    Ashes Cricket 2009

    I'm still not convinced. It looks like Cartoon Cricket 09.
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    Ashes Cricket 2009

    The graphics looks crappy. It's the same as in BLIC 07. the crowds still look like cardboards and the players look cartoonish. Look at the graphics of MLB 2k9. Codemasters and Transmission games should lean from 2k sports how crowd animation & player modeling/animation should be. I expect...
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    xp looking like windows 2003?

    Go to Control Pannel-> User Accounts->Change the way users log on or off -> Select Use the Welcome screen. Apply Options!
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    Getting data from a from and sending it though email

    I dont have a site. I just use googlepages and geocities to host my web pages... So it can't be done by me eh?
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    Getting data from a from and sending it though email

    I want to design a webpage which would get data from a form and send the collected data to my mail id. I used the following html codes to get the data: <html> <head><Title></Title></head> <form method="post" action="contact.php"> Email: <input name="email" type="text"><br> Message:<br>...
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    is it possible to upgrade Linux mint 5 to mint 6

    I have linux mint 5 installed along with Win XP & Win Vista. Is it possible to upgrade mint 5 to mint 6 without having to format my current mint 5 upgrading from xp to vista which leaves behind all settings of xp but just replaces xp with vista... :confused:
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    Anybody installed Solaris 10 ??

    If u dont want to disturb ur partitions, install it on vmware. Tested.It works fine. :)
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    [By Demand] Fast Track Topics

    I agree. We need one on Python!!
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    8085 Microprocessor kit emulator?

    here u go :
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    need info abt CCNA certification

    Thanks shri and raju143. I'll look into it :)
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    need info abt CCNA certification

    Thanks for that info Pragadheesh. :) I'm not too confident in all areas of networks. All I've done on my own is I've connected 2 computers at home using a router and enabled internet,file sharing & remote access. Guess I'd have to look at IIHT. Any idea how much is the total cost...
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