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    **Urgent Help 4 - IVY Bridge Rig*

    ON 5k lesser budget, Can any one tell about OCing Z77-V LX ? Do anyone have this board?
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    Cabinet under Rs.4000

    Kindly suggest cabinets below 3K. I am really confused after reviews for Nzxt Gamma / Antec 100 / CM Elite series.
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    Z77 Motherboards

    Does anyone know when these Z77 boards are going to hit the market. Are they be able to run the sandy bridge cpus or they are specifically meant for the Ivy bridge cpus. Any information on price factor / performance?
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    Why are the prices of processors and mobo's increasing

    I was just going to assemble my pc by the end of durga puja, the vendor asked me to wait for some days as prices had suddenly increased and till now it shows no sign of fall in price. Any one any idea? When are the prices going to fall?
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    ATI Radeon 6870

    Sorry for not mentioning the system. Is the present PSU-CM exreme power plus 600 sufficient for running R6870 GPU, or do I have to replace it with some higher model. Currently he is running a 2300 in a Intel H67 mobo.
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    ATI Radeon 6870

    I want to buy a HD 6870 for my nephew, which brand / card should I go for at around 11-12k?
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    Overclocking Intel DZ68DB motherboard

    Is Intel DZ68DB overclockable? I saw intel's site, but nowhere they have mentioned any options about overclocking in this mobo. Its not an extreme series mobo, neither Intel has any other Z68 based mobo. Even Asus has got three P8Z68 series mobo, out of which P8Z68 v-pro, seems to be the popular...
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    Best mobo for 2500k or 2500

    Again Z68 & P67 - which one will be a better value for money, with i5 2500K and a discrete graphics like Radeon HD5670 or HD 6870. Purpose is gaming + AutoCAD also sound editing shall be done in FL Studio etc. for which a sound card will be there.
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    Best mobo for 2500k or 2500

    Unlike H67, will the P67 require an extra GPU? or 2500K will be sufficient for handling the graphics?
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    Can 3D PC monitors be used for TV viewing?

    Can 3D PC monitors be used for TV viewing purpose without using a TV tuner card. Models like LG D2342P are claiming that TV can be viewed directly by connecting it to a set top box. However these would require a RCA video connector which the model doesnt have. Or will I require a RCA to...
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