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    dell st2220l 22inch

    urgent!!! i have decided to buy dell st2220l is 22inch full hd led monitor.what i want to ask is whether it is glossy or matte ...(the main panel)...and is it the best around in this range because i am getting it for around 8.5k
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    leds vs lcds

    i am geting Dell ST2220L so do you think games like fifa 11 and assasins creed 2 would work on medium settings with my current config????Or i wont be able to play these games at all, i currently play these games on my 15inch crt hey and btw, dell s2220l is matte right?
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    leds vs lcds

    will it be ok if i upgrade my processor to E7500 core2duo???Because for core i series i will have to change my motherboard :(
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    leds vs lcds

    thnx a lot dude!...nw i am kinda clear with the concept ..:D
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    LED MONITOR 22inch

    pls suggest a good led monitor 22inch with full hd resolution under 10000/- rs.......asap!!!!!!.... priorities...gaming(new releases), watching brrips, surfing, reading, maya, photoshop, etc
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    leds vs lcds

    ohh thanks , so can u recommend what to buy 22inch lcd or led my budget is 9k-10k.........or should i even consider 19inch ?... i hav gpu- 9800GT NVIDIA PROC -E5200 @2.5GHz RAM -2GB Priorities.:watching brrips, gaming(new releases), reading and surfing , ps, maya, etc...
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    leds vs lcds

    i know that lcds can be either glossy or matte . but are leds alwayz supposed to be glossy because my friend got 1 and it is glossy.Or can they also be matte .
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    doubts regarding leds

    are leds supposed to be glossy always.....or they can be matte ???? and pls tell me what to opt for 19th inch or 22inch monitors???
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