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  1. ashutosh_jain

    [Want to Buy] Minibeam projector

    do you know where i can buy this?? is it even released yet? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T7XzyZB6WEM&width=200
  2. ashutosh_jain

    Future of TV: 4K or OLED TV?

    As of now, we can really say that the future of tv is oled tv only because it would still take some years before we can see the full benefits of the 4k tv but as far as the oled is concerned, it's not the same case with them. The full advantages of the 4k will be seen only when we have some...
  3. ashutosh_jain

    Are We (Indians) Racists ?

    We have every right to be racist have we not? Perhaps it has to do with our forefathers continued slavery of foreigners first Mughals then English.
  4. ashutosh_jain

    Future in Space?

    Replied. Humanity future is in Space; no two ways about it. It's better we spend money on research, set up space stations, moon base and then spread out to other planets. That's the way forward. Also we should work on preserving the consciousnesses without the fragile human body as it is not...
  5. ashutosh_jain

    Ultra HDTV in different Size

    Will we get the same features in the TV as there are in LM9600 despite the decrease in screen size? And yes, lower price is definitely is a welcome development. I mean how many people in India can afford the high price? Long live EMI!
  6. ashutosh_jain

    Samsung UA32ES6200R Or Sony 32HX750 Or Sony 32EX650(Non 3D)

    Samsung UA32ES6200R has the better design IMO and though Sony 32HX750 Or Sony 32EX650(Non 3D) may have good picture quality; sammy isn't that bad. Plus it has more apps and features.
  7. ashutosh_jain

    Feeling Headache after watching 3D movie in Sony HX850

    Don't watch 3D; as simple as that. Since you alreday have a active 3D TV; going passive isn't a choice for you.
  8. ashutosh_jain

    Voice Control Feature - Smartphones vs Smart TV

    But Lalit kishore; don't forget that people get so accustomed to female voice of Siri that they start behaving in a funny way! And I think a lot of ground needs to be covered if voice recognition feature is going to work properly in a Smart TV. Both LG and Samsung are constantly bringing cutting...
  9. ashutosh_jain

    LG OLED Tv's to be launched soon?

    Is OLED a stable technology that can last in a big screen TV unlike say a mobile phone? The Jury is still out whether the OLED will be successful away from the prototype and mainstream use. I just hope LG, Samsung and other manufacturers have got their act together before launching OLED TVs in...
  10. ashutosh_jain

    Why Television failed to become smart?

    Even 2mpbs is not accessible or affordable to a vast majority of people. It all boils down to pure economics; for those who can afford even the new breed of ultra high definition 4k Tvs and Oled TVs are not beyond the reach; unlike most of us in India.
  11. ashutosh_jain

    Can a CRT TV be made SMART TV ?

    Don't throw good money after bad bro; better buy a new TV. Lots of attractive EMI options available for TVs of all brands be it Sony, Panasonic or Samsung. Buying a setbox will give you only partial smart TV experinece in my opinion.
  12. ashutosh_jain

    is that safe to buy a LED in online shopping?

    Part of the reason that online companies are able to sell the same product cheaply is: a) they sell products in bulk b) they do not have showroom/shop and overhead costs to worry about. c) they pass on a large portion of discount they get from manufacturer to consumer. If you are planning to...
  13. ashutosh_jain

    Husbands need to pay salary to wives?

    Stupid idea - I really want to meet the guy(minister/bureaucrat) who produced this bright spark. First, salary means employer -employee relationship. Moral question - is your wife your employee? Legal question - Can you then fire your wife for non-performance? Tax - who will pay the tax on...
  14. ashutosh_jain


    Apparently the Axis Bank Debit Card works on Paypal for buying. Is is because the Axis Bank debit cards are International cards?
  15. ashutosh_jain

    Should Big Boss be closed.

    While surfing the net few days, I noticed a thread which demanded serials like Big boss to be closed down as they show vulgar contents and leave a bad effect on the public.... What you think about this guyz.... Here is the link of that thread...
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