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    ::sony Ericsson Guru Here::

    Hi SE Guru... I am using W700i , there is a feature which allows us to record voice when on call with someone.. but after a particular interval, a beep sound is produced, which is audible to both ppl... Is ther any way I can turn it off???
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    Secondary IDE channel

    Changing the cable may solve the problem
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    video editor

    which version of vcd cutter u r using rite now.... i think i tried joining clips once n it worked, after that my pc got formatted n now i dont have vcd cutter. another option 4 u , i think windows xp's movie maker can also join two clips. try it (btw i m not so sure)
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    video editor

    Yes VCD-Cutter can join two clips, actually I dont have it now so i cant tell u right now the whole procedure but I'll let u know how to do it as early as possible
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    video editor

    VCD-CUTTER is also quite gud in these things.
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    Language of Virus Writers

    u can also find alot of these commands in system32 directory just go there from cmd n type --- dir *.exe/p u will find some more interesting commands like tsshutdn (u can even turn off comp in a LAN) etc etc
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    Microsoft to add 'black box' to Windows

    I think it seems something like an inbuilt keylogger in Windows........ They will get every info of our PC, I know it will kill PIRACY but at same time it will also kill PRIVACY!!!!!
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    Language of Virus Writers

    sorry khattam I was not here to answer u. I think u r a bit confused, the problem was not mine , i was not the one who started this thread n i was quite surprised 2 c a lame person callin me lame. n i agree wid bonzi, these little tricks r just 4 fun not actual harmful viruses........
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    Track my friend activity in my comp

    i agree with u here. i think v r using here keylogger as a security softwre not as cracking software............... so i think it is legal.
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    ****Sabeer Bhatia launches "INSTACOLL"****

    Indian IT industry is on high......... thanx to ppl like Mr. Sabeer Bhatia. n tahnx mate 4 providing this info. Keep doing gud work.
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    Track my friend activity in my comp

    hmmmmm keyloggers can be used but , i think discussing them here is against the forum rules!!!! m i right??
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    Language of Virus Writers

    KHATTAM WROTE: I was telling him the technical solution................. not something lame as DELETING batch file, anybody can think bout this solution, no need to post this kind of lame solution!!!!!!!!!
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    -={ Request for Tutorials here .. }=-

    [edit=theraven]try to keep this thread only abt requests if u have a suggestion plz post in the digitised section thank you
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    Language of Virus Writers

    solution is->-> shutdown -a it will stop pc from shutting down try shutdown/? for more commands xp has many hidden features try explore all those
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    How To Make Service In Windows XP?

    i dont know how to do this in Java but Visual Studio .Net gives u an option to make windows services.......... u can make windows services here , which can be loaded automatically at startup and then they run in background i.e. Daemon processing!!!!
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