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    HDD problem!!!

    There`s nothing much to say, the explorer bugged and wasn`t responding for some time. Then it debugs itself and in one moment the transfer stops and when I entered my computer there wasn`t the Hitachi HDD. I restarted and... (like I said in my first post). I was checking the HDD recently there...
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    HDD problem!!!

    Tried that, nothing changes...
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    HDD problem!!!

    Two questions: What does it mean to "give up the ghost"? What is RMA?
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    HDD problem!!!

    The problem is that when the HDD is attached to the motherboard I can`t access BIOS from some reason. If I try it it gives me that errror "3rd Slave Hard Disk Error" and sais "Press F1 to continue". If I press F1 it showes that it`s going to BIOS but it sais "WAIT..." and I waited over 2h and...
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    HDD problem!!!

    I have changed the port and the cable but still nothing Is there no one who can help me?!
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    PC restarts without any reason.

    It might not be anything involved with your hardware. Which antivirus are you running? Have you tried reinstalling windows? I had a similar problem and the reinstallation of windows did the trick... :)
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    Single Lens Reflex : (SLR) have a mirror behind the lens that allows the viewfinder to see through the lens while you are composing the shot. when the shutter is pressed the mirror swings up and out of the way. Generally they use 35mm film. DSLR: same as above with a digtial sensor that saves...
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    Cant access BIOS in my laptop

    On my laptop you press F8 to access the BIOS. Try that :)
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    HDD problem!!!

    Hi guys, I really need your help! I have two PC-s and I needed to get some data from PC1 to PC2. Being lazzy, I wasn`t transfering through network, but I got the HDD from PC1 and plugged it into the the PC2. Here are the specs: PC1 MB: P5KPL-AM SE Proc: Intel Celeron E1400 Dual Core 2.0GHz HDD...
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