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  1. aquamatrix

    graphic card @ 7k

    ^^ not gonna put it in my c2d rig, need it for this one for a rig with pentium D 3.0 ghz and 1 gig of ram.
  2. aquamatrix

    graphic card @ 7k

    looking for a gfx for a PC wid pentium D 3.0ghz and 1 gb ram which is the best card (@ 7k) at the moment ?? PCI-e slot only. confused between 8600gt, 7900 gs and x1950pro
  3. aquamatrix

    Which is better?

    whats your budget like??
  4. aquamatrix

    Which One's Best?

    get a c2d with atleast 2 gigs of ram.
  5. aquamatrix

    gaming mouse

    ^^ ... a much better option is to get the microsoft intellimouse 1.1, it comes for 1.1k and is 5 button gaming mouse. dont go for iball
  6. aquamatrix

    Viewsonic VA1703W 17" Wide Monitor

    sad but 810 mobo's dont have a agp or a pci-e slot, only pci slots
  7. aquamatrix

    Best graphics card within 15k

    xfx 7900gs is for 12k. you can get a 7900 gt for that price.
  8. aquamatrix

    Best Pc

    ^^ yup seagates got excellent customer care in india.
  9. aquamatrix

    Motherboard 'n' Graphics

    well a better option would be to get a new mobo as PCI graphics card are pathetic ands its very hard to find them, but then you'll have to ditch your PIII and ram. so then you'll almost have to buy a a whole new PC then. On those slots graphic card, internal modem, tv tuner card, sound cards...
  10. aquamatrix

    High temp

    well the threshold temps for most hdd's are 48-50 C. after this temp the disk gets damaged resulting in bad sectors. either ur disk is messed up, or the hdtune.
  11. aquamatrix

    High temp

    this is too high , sata disks should be kept at 40 c. get a hard disk cooler. or maybe smthings wrong with your software monitoring it, cause it cannot run at that temps.
  12. aquamatrix

    Help me with my upgrade?

    wtf?? dude the prices are way too high. To check the latest prices check out these links www.mahavir.co.in or www.deltapage.com __________ and dump that vendor
  13. aquamatrix

    A Gamer's Dilemma

    i am also in the same dilemma, i have been waiting since gawd knows when to buy a GPU. but....... the 8600 series is definitely worth a wait.
  14. aquamatrix

    Hey I Want Which Is The Best Os

    Going on Visual delight and performance (if you have the hardware :P) i'd say vista ultmate. Going on reliability windows Xp pro 64.
  15. aquamatrix

    best configuration at 32k

    ^^ i'm pretty sure it can fit. but no room for a GPU then.
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