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    [Want to Buy] URGENT: AM2 Socket motherboard

    Pm me with offers
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    [Want to Buy] Graphic Card

    Located in mumbai
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    Guys..I met with an accident..

    Happy birthday dude and get well soon. Best wishes. Out there you can't be playing roadrash ;) or superbikes
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    [Want to Buy] Fans, n other stuff

    Bump guys Pm offers
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    [Want to Buy] CPU Heatsink/ Cooler for i7

    Looking for heatsinks Noctua, megalems, hyper 212+, N620 etc etc just pm me with offers;)
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    [Want to Buy] CPU Heatsink/ Cooler for i7

    Looking for a Air cooler for i7
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    Computer Components - Desktop

    ygpm, let me know
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    Help for cs 1.6

    Pirated version have nothin to do with it, disable your firewall or change firewall to interactive. Then try n let us knw, check settings in your AntiVirus as well as Windows firewall
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    [Want to Buy] Fans, n other stuff

    I require 4 120 mm Fans It should be Minimum 90 CFM + Working perfect, no cracks broken blades, noise etc Not looking particularly for noiseless fans Blue led fans and UV fans only Budget for each fan - approx 250-300 depending on brand Pm me offers No need to bump the thread with offers...
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    [Want to Buy] Computer Table mumbai

    bump for a computer table
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    [Want to Buy] Computer Table mumbai

    no cabinet will be kept on top :) n yup few people may be looking for a change Ill buy a table from local shop if no offers, btw furniture is overpriced btw
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    [Want to Buy] Computer Table mumbai

    I need a good computer table, A flat top one. similar to ones given below. need asap and mumbai sellers only for obvious reasons. Should be cosmetically good without abuses ;) Send me quick pm's along with a pic.
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    [Want to Buy] Graphic Card

    Still looking for a card in 3k
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    The RMA Experience Thread

    Wow really lucky dude :) njoy
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    Buyin a new PC. Please give me some advice...

    The motherboard should have a high tdp, around 125-140, 965be comes in 2 revisions one is 125 one go for this one...
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