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    Your favourite Symbian Apps of all time

    Opera Mobile Snaptu Mobbler PuTTY Python :)
  2. anurag_bhd

    Granular 1.0

    Sure Vaithy. I want to explain all that pretty soon. I'll make a detailed explanation as a news item on the project website. About PCLOS, I can't comment much about it. About Granular, it will be a part of the Unity project and partly based on Mandriva for the future releases. Granular is no...
  3. anurag_bhd

    Granular 1.0

    Quite right. ----------------------------------------- Posted again: ----------------------------------------- @clarjon1 Recently, we added the 2.6.27 kernel to the test section of our repo. You should give it a try if the default one (2.6.26) doesn't work well for you...
  4. anurag_bhd

    Suggest some Light Distro

    You'll certainly love Puppy. :grin:
  5. anurag_bhd

    Suggest some Light Distro

    From the screenshots, Moon OS is looking like a pretty nice distro. I also happened to read about it today on the DistroWatch Weekly.
  6. anurag_bhd

    Granular 1.0

    Vaithy, Thanks for your suggestion, but believe it or not, KDE 4 is the future of the DE. In the coming times, KDE 3.5 will stop getting updated upstream (by the KDE developers themselves). You might have already noticed this trend with the recent developments within the KDE team. The KDE 4...
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    Mac4Lin Project hosted on Sourceforge.net

    Anirudh, I am currently in talks with my team on packaging mac4lin as rpm. And thanks for offering support for this purpose. I'll surely remember to bug you whenever I need help. :D More updates later. :)
  8. anurag_bhd

    Watchmen: The End is Nigh Official Demo

    The screenies look pretty damn good. They have put a lot of efforts on the environment & surroundings (the world).
  9. anurag_bhd

    Which is your favourite genre ?

    FPS and Role Playing. :D
  10. anurag_bhd

    Using Kwin as a Desktop video recording and Screencast tool

    Thanks for sharing it. A sure thing to try out. :)
  11. anurag_bhd

    Open Source Snipping Tool or ScreenCapture tool

    For this purpose, I prefer to use an online Java-based tool: http://www.screencast-o-matic.com/ Works great in all OSes - Windows and Linux. You just need to have JRE installed to be able to use it. It's completely free.
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    Mac4Lin Project hosted on Sourceforge.net

    Very nice work, Anirudh. Mac4lin looks good and the documentation has been very well written. Do we have RPM packages for it around. In any case, it would be fun packaging and distributing mac4lin as rpms. Maybe I should talk about this to Team Granular. :)
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    Suggest some Light Distro

    I too would suggest Puppy (definitely, give it a try) and the latest Zenwalk 6 release.
  14. anurag_bhd

    Granular 1.0

    Hehe, so Granular 1.0 has been included in the DVD for this month's issue (March 2009). Make sure you try it from there. :)
  15. anurag_bhd

    Slumdog should havent won ..Must Read

    Very well said.
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