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  • Hey!

    Try going through the post #2882 of the UrT thread. :) I've posted the link of thd server.cfg file and instructions are also posted. :)
    I would have emailed it to you, but my Dad took my PC away. Stuck with the mobile GPRS. :(
    Thanks Friend for changing my id to toofan.

    And also thank other Admins/persons involved in this matter.
    Hi I never get any mail. May be I used some other mail address. You can check the posts made by the username toofan. these are 0 (zero). So you can delete that ID and convert mine into toofan. Thanks.
    Hey Anorion!

    How're you?
    Actually, some guy from the Hellsheaven server has registered on the forum with a name khair0n or may be khairon. He says he hasn't received the activation email. Can you please activate his account?
    Thanx in advance. :)
    BTW I think that Member List should be enabled now for public viewing as it was enabled earlier.
    And also I searched for the posts made by id toofan and there were nil posts so you can easily delete it without any hasitation.
    Actually that Id was made by me but I forget the password of that Id then I made toofan_nainital and then I took panga with raboo and he banned me. After that I made this Id Please send me the password of that id to the email address metioned in it to me to varify it and it was inactive since it was made so you can deleate it and change my id to toofan.
    Thanks ru ?
    i love ur mag very much..
    i m a doctor studying for md entrance but still love to study ur mag is too good...thanks for that..kep it up
    Hello, I have posted many posts in Chit Chat and Fight Club but in the left of profile name, the posts only show 4 posts. Why is not increasing? Also I want to change my profile name. Please Please Please allow!!
    lol the name is wrong. The name should be Underworld but by mistake I have written Undercover. Please change it.
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