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  • We got demoted :( Donno why. One day we woke up, and asked the same question. Raaabo had something to do with it, I'm sure.
    Hello, may i know why your & cyberjunky name is not showing in Orange color?
    This is confusing to many member.
    An Computer Science Engineering student. Just finished course, and looking for some n/w related course and do some part time jobs.
    I have created 2 threads in bazar section .
    they were not approved.
    one was created a week ago and on yesterday.
    how long does it take to approval.
    if not approved for obvious reasons,why not intimate me?
    how can one know what and why if this works this manner.
    Hi I am using a Desktop right now... with AMD Athlon 4000 +, 2GB DDR2, Asus MB, 250 Gb HDD. I mostly work on Web desiging using Photoshop, Corel Draw, Dreamweaver and Flash etc... I just want to replace my Desktop with a Laptop.. can u please suggest is replacing is a good idea.. and if yes.. which Laptop I can go for... And is the performance will be good as in Desktop... please suggest
    Just a hour ago unfortunately i created a account......UserName : "Kites" And Pass : "qwert":( (without quotes)

    can you please delete that account and Rename my name to "Kites" (without quotes).....Please...and sorry..:(
    Can I include the wallpapers on digit dvd on my blog? I am ready to put a courtesy and also a link to this website.
    Sup Anorion? ;)

    Please change my name to 'ico' (without quotes) ;)

    Thank you. :p
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