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    Perl Basics

    perl is a superb language dude ... any documentation can be found/downloaded from perl modules (pms) can be found on ... a too useful site .... The docs are also installed on windows with activestate perl and are same as on the site. Perl is...
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    Help!!Problem With C++

    @Josan .... Try Dev C++ or MS Visual Studio 6 instead of TC++. Dev C++ is recommended as its a freeware. Follow Public Poll Dude ;) .....
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    Maximum capacity of Cds

    hi all, cds generally i hav seen of 700MB only of most brands. i've downloaded isos nearly 800MB from the net, so was wondering if it was meant for cd or dvd. now i know the concept of overburning, so i understood hw to burn it on cd.
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    Latest Hardware Prices & Quotes..!!

    SONY DVD WRITER hi, can nebody tell me the cost of SONY DVD WRITER. Please mention the model no also.i am planning to buy one from a hardware fare here at ahmedabad.
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    Replicating RHEL ??

    Hi Guys, a little query... Can i replicate the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Cds without prior permissions... Under what licenses are the RHEL OS cds being given by redhat...
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