Replicating RHEL ??

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Hi Guys,
a little query...
Can i replicate the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Cds without prior permissions... Under what licenses are the RHEL OS cds being given by redhat...


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Except for a few components provided by third parties (like Java) all the code in Red Hat products is open source and licensed under the GPL (or a similar license, such as the LGPL). So you always have free access to the source code. In fact you can download the source code from our FTP servers at any time.

GPL allows you to share the software. so you can share RHEl for sure. But without a subscripion you'll miss security updates, errata fixes, support etc.,


Sure you can replicate
They are Open Source
Read their Licence Agreement,they allow you to make as many copies


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I jus wanto clarify that RHEL is not redistributable.otherwise all these Linux CD distributors will have distributed it while they are giving RHEL clones like CENTOS/WHEL no replication for RHEL/Suse proff etc,,,,,,,,,only OSS distros like FC,Debian are fully GPLed
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