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    Personal BLOG

    Is there any blog source code like phpbb or xoops that i can setup for my blogging activity, except ?
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    Converting a Black & White Picture to Color

    Correct Signature Mr "sms_solver" U have a invalid signature it mentioned "sms_solbher" not sms_solver..... Correct it man ...........
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    [Announcement]Google India Code Jam

    Game Is now Over ! They had faced server outage on 27th feb, during qualification round. and will conduct again (only for some users) on Tuesday 1st march between 1800 - 2100 hours. read more at :shock: :evil:
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    Java Programmers, help!!!!

    Man!!!!!!! :twisted: This simple program!!!! First think on problem. U need to put '*' then '**', so.................... need two loops................. one for File lines................. second for columns............... iterate this for one more time than current line index...
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    Windows XP SP1, NOt able to make my day!!!

    Can any one help me to install WinXP SP1 It gives me an error. My WinXP is on drive E: I am having 98,2000, XP and finally RH Linux 8.
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    Windows XP in your Native Language

    Do u KNOW??? :P You can convert your existing Windows XP in your native language, without any new installation or any other tool, and give surprise to your friends. Actually the basic idea behind this tutorial and the technique used lies on the existence of Unicode. Windows XP in HINDI...
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    Dialup Internet access on Linux!!

    Can any one suggest me how to configure my Motorola SM56 modem no linux. I have downloaded it's drivers for Linux. Still not working.!!!!
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