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    hi tanvi, let me know the script to unlock the orkut album please..... mail me at...

    hi tanvi, let me know the script to unlock the orkut album please..... mail me at amit.sirsi@gmail.com Regds
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    Folder Lock , Very Very Amazing

    hi, this works with only those who are new to computers.... i could recover the hidden files in less than half a minute...
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    Avoid USB devices Virus / Worms

    hi, here is a simple way to stay safe form viruses that intrude through USB drives. Most of there viruses will not be detected by any of the antivirus programs. So I foundout my own way. go to Start>Run; type cmd and hit enter. This opens command line interface. Change your drive to the...
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    ntfs in fedora 6??????

    hi i want to mount my ntfs partitions in fedora 6. but it gives an error saying unrecognized file type. i can mount fat32 without any prpblem. any solution to mount ntfs.......?
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    intel 845 gvsr original unused for sale

    hi i ve already sold it guys....
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    intel 845 gvsr original unused for sale

    hi, i have a new intel original 845 gvsr motherboard. i ve not yet used it. even the original seal from intel is not opened. i would like to sell it. has 6 usb ports. supports 2 front panel usb ports. does not support sata hard disks. price: Rs.1500+shipping (including data buses and...
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    win 98 can't be installed.

    hi could you explain how to install 98 using virtual pc? because when i tried it gave me an error message saying "could not create temporary files" __________ well when i boot from a bootable 98 cd it gives a message system is vrifying... then suddenly it gives a messaage saying the setup...
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    how to join divx files?

    hi i want to oin many .divx files and make it one. which software can do it?
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    win 98 can't be installed.

    hi is it possible to install 98 using vmware or virtual pc??? anyone....??
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    [By Demand] - Digit January 2007

    hi please give me avid liquid pro.
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    Creating Win XP bootable CD

    hi i tried to include softwares such as jet audio and win rar by including them as hotfixes. but i didnt get them in my bootable cd. but i ve seen a xp cd which has softwares such as photoshop n dreamweaver. how is this done?
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    win 98 can't be installed.

    hi i ve a celeron 2.53 processor with intel 845gvsr mb with ide 80gb hd and 512 mb ddr ram.
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    -={ Request for Tutorials here .. }=-

    hi i want tutorials on ollydbg, a debugger for windows. tutorial for windbg( by miocrosoft ) will also do....:-)
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    win 98 can't be installed.

    hi guys thanks 4 replies. i ve tried deleting all the partitions of the hd and tried to boot from 98 original cd. even then i could not install the os ...... any soln???
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    .vob to other format??

    hi i want to know the best method to convert .vob to .mpg or .divx without loosing quality of sound and video....
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