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    Sony Xperia M/M Dual discussion

    Hi can u tell me in Cm11 Direct network 3g calling is pissible or not? Currently we can not direct network calling in xperia m m dual stock rom. Pls tell me?
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    [For Sale] Giving my isic card

    Hi .... ISIC Card provides discount and Various free benifits...over all the world. Actually i am Windows phone user. I was badly needed for windows developer account. But its was free only for students.... After many trying i did not get valid Edu email or anything. So i ordered for ISIC -...
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    Real File Manager For windows Phone 8 Now Ready!!!

    Satinder dude...pls don't be silly. don't compare with krik or any other. They have limitations and just a limited file viewer. while pocket file manager giving full access to sd and phone in new version...which is amazing. now u can cut, copy, paste, del, rename, send, etc all basic and...
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    Real File Manager For windows Phone 8 Now Ready!!!

    Atlast window Phone 8 got its first Real File manager. Its now support all Operation on SD card with Full access. All types Support. * i am amazed How they do it...just awesome what i was seeking from Long time. Pocket File Manager 4.0 Pocket File Manager | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (भारत)
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    Post your mobile home screens

    Screenshot Taken From My Lumia 520: -------------------------------------
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    [Want to Buy] Need a .edu E-mail id for one time use

    I tried to upload manually...but...its not accepting manually...and giving some error.
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    [Want to Buy] Want LED / LCD 20" or more Full HD monitor & good Dual SIM phones

    Too much bumping...thats not feasible...
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    The Windows Mobile Thread

    Re: The Windows Phone Thread Can Anyone here help me to Activate my dreamspark account via their .edu email id?
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    Lumia 520 : Discussion thread

    At last... got the task close option in Lumia black
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    Selling Nokia Lumia 520

    Modes pls Lock the thread.... Changed My decision.. Lock it.
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    [Want to Buy] Need a .edu E-mail id for one time use

    Simply... I am a windows phone 8 user and Looking for a developer account for Unlock my Device. Microsoft provides Free Dream spark developer account to students for 1year. But need to varify my account via .edu email address. if some one is student here and have .edu email address from their...
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    Lumia 520 : Discussion thread

    Not a good idea to buy lumia 520 or 525 currently... wait for some days...price will decrease too much.. And Nokia will again launch lumia 530 + adding front can for video calling....and rate will be 10500. Then after too much advt and fooling innocent peoples..they will decrease price to...
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    Selling Nokia Lumia 520

    Its expected price... fee free to bump with your expected rate...
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    Asus Zfone 4 , 5 And 6 Series

    Hi friend... According to the news , Asus is going to release his new zfone series 4, 5 and 6....in 4inch, 5 inch and 6 inch relatively. According to the new they nice hardware and Software Based budget android smart phones... Here is The some attractive feature of asus Zfone 4 in just $99...
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    How to clean up Phone Memory (Other Folder)

    Currently windows phone 8 OS is in development state.... its have lot of shortcoming and bugs.... one of the bug is other storage bug... its cant solve currently.... Shrink storage or storage cleaner cant solve this issue.... May be this bug will solve in GDR3 or 8.1 update...but currently u...
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