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    Giving Away Hi-Watt Battery Charger and Old Sony Video Camera

    maybe I go for camera, cannot access pics (old pc and old browser) so it is not clear to me. the camera uses cd or tapes or memory cards???
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    Giveaway : CSE Engineering Stuff

    your location or city please.. R u open for hand pickup?
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    Aakash Tablet Commercial Booking Started

    this time money matters. only want to read books and listen songs.in train. want to utilize my time. books too heavy to carry. also in evening have no sufficient light. you know condition of general passenger trains in india.
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    Aakash Tablet Commercial Booking Started

    I want simplest tab with foloowing features -Atleast 7" screen (no straining eyes) -3.5 mm Jack -atleast 1 USB -3 Hr. backup -charging from Nokia standard charger or through mini USB -can multitask (only two applications at one time) -play mp3 (64Kbps-320kbps) -supports playlists and folders for...
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    help me in deciding a tablet pc

    i am still waiting.now i cannot delay. i want win7/linux. no android.. suggest me. i like hp tm 2102 @ 37500 INR. and acer iconica tab help me out or suggest any better model handwriting recognition is must.
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    AGP card needed

    xfx gf 6800 xtreme 256mb ddr3 dual dvi ..with vga converter if u want.. pm me ur price. will post full details after exam.3 days later.. no shipping bcoz testing not possible and ur satisfaction. will install @ ur home or system and u can check and test r u frm delhi/ncr...
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    HP Pavilion - DV6114TX [Core Duo 1.6Ghz, Nvidia 7400, 2GB RAM, 80GB HDD]

    i m interested. price high.wait 3-4 daya. my exam..after that i will talk.ok r u frm delhi/ncr?
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    Web Designing or Web Development or Both? Which Job(s) is better?

    @ whistler sorry to go offtopic, would you please mention the website that use C++ and C#. I am just curious about thier look and feel.. And what features were needed so badly that developers have to implement them in C++.
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    Mobile deals + price updates by Digitians

    the above mentioned coupon no longer valid...It says coupon expires
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    Mobile deals + price updates by Digitians

    Its seem to be working but what are hidden terms and conditions..after applying coupon they say nokia 1616 will cost rs. 0 is somthing wrong or fishy?? have i not read fineprint thoroughly??
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    Query about Dual Layer DVDs..

    can ship you packed moser baer dvd dl for rs. 55 each..private message me if you are interested. Also , u have to pay courier charges. 5 dvd will cost u rs. 260/-
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    help me in deciding a tablet pc

    I can wait till diwali, lets see what the circumstances at that time.. for now i think its wait and watch.
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    BSOD..Prob with 1600mhz ram ??

    okay return from friend's house. here his config Amd 955 B.e. Msi 880 e-45 ram cmx4gx3m2a160c9 running at 1.65 v while for amd it shud be cmx4gx3m2b160c9 running at 1.8 v
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    help me in deciding a tablet pc

    toshiba libretto has only 7 " screen which i think is very small . + point is that it can be used aas ebook reader easily. is it available in india.?
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    BSOD..Prob with 1600mhz ram ??

    The mobo my friend is using msi ( unlock cores and can overclock) based on 890 chipset. High end model costing him rs. 7k...( "supports max 1333 mhz. but also supports 1666 mhz with overclocking" was written in manual). the ram was some gamer edition (1666 mhz kit containing two sticks with...
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