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    Fraudulent "service" subscription / activation discussion | | Airtel, Vodafone, Docomo, BSNL...

    I had a similar problem due to Hutch which is now Vodafone when they kept deducting daily from my prepaid. I rang up the local manager and said I want their wrong corrected immediately. He said correction could be applied only the next day, and so it ended with n-1 days rectified. Before this...
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    the FOOTBALL channel

    Which team does anyone HATE? ROFL. According to me, any team can be hated only for cheating and such unsportive things on the pitch.
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    What's your favorite OS?

    Didn't use Mac OS, might have found it good as well. ;)
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    Unexpected shutdown...twice

    You mean... this :D
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    Best Old School PC Games

    Pacman. The other one by Woz. Roadrash. To the point now it is giving me a head ache typing its name. :D Wolfstein. Same as Roadrash. :D
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    Which distro(s) are you using?

    Puppy 5.25, on my 900 MHz/100MHzFSB PIII on D815EEA Board with 512 MB RAM. XPsp3 and Puppy on the same HDD.
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    [Want to Buy] SC Canon 7D camera

    There has been a sporadic appearance of a 7D kit or 5D mk I for sale on jjmpf, in case you didn't list your interest in the Buy and Sell there yet. :D
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    Unexpected shutdown...twice

    There are socket adapters available in the market for that at a less than Rs.50 or Rs.100 kind of price. Any local Electrical & Hardware store will usually keep a stock of them. More so now-a-days because these things are very prevalent. Best would be to show the exact plug head to the seller as...
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    Unexpected shutdown...twice

    Wall->Surge protector ->UPS->PSU is the normal thing. Wall->UPS->Surge protector->PSU is not recommended, and highly advised against due to considerations of load tolerance/rating and the possible effects in case its load maxes out due to too many devices plugged into the surge protector which...
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    Unexpected shutdown...twice

    And so ends this thread? It looks like a PSU issue. When you say the power-on switch on the cabinet doesn't respond, it seems like you boot directly from the PSU without touching those switches once again. That is one of the flags for PSU issues. In some cases, clearing the CMOS is required...
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    [Query] need URGENT help fixing my fan - ordered from theitdepot

    Normal SOP: Publicize their non-performance. Put these on social network sites, write a detailed blog post with pics, etc and share the links all over. Mail them these exact pics. Claim damages. ... ... ... .
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    [Want to Buy] Computer Table mumbai

    I bought an L section and cut it to make a support beam for this kind of flat top computer table, and not only that, I had to make sure the support structure would be stable with its own column support. In the 'oven' section I'm resting my legs :D (the furniture store guy made the table with it...
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    Aakash Tablet Commercial Booking Started

    Looks like yes. Let's say, the reviews have just mentioned some problems with the device which are actually common: heat up, double taking to get icons active, customer support number doesn't work, lower quality under the hood, etc. That gets things quite dicey, not totally killing yet...
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    Aakash Tablet Commercial Booking Started

    I wish I didn't book it, after reading/viewing the reviews and all.
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