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    Best Allrounder SE Phone at 20k

    I don't see any discussion going on about the newly announced G705. It looks awesome and has great features. It hasn't been launched yet, so the price remains undisclosed. But I'm assuming it to be around the 20K mark. Check it out here -...
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    Vodafone India responds to complaints by lowering iPhone 3G pricing

    For what it's worth the iPhone is worth 17 - 19K at the most. I understand that it's an "Apple", but the features it offers do not warrant the current price. And especially the restricted usage is a turnoff. As more and more people realise this, the market for the iPhone is going to become dead...
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    Gates Says Linux Best OS Ever

    Hilarious. I loved it. I'm feeling like going back to school and writing one of those "What would you do if you were Bill Gates for a day" type of essays after reading this! :)
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    Absuive Language - Necessity?

    I believe that people who indulge in abusive language are dullards who are unable to express themselves satisfactorily. A coarse-ness in your language when you argue, fight, debate or discuss a topic is not a sign of superiority; it is a sign of all absence of it. Strong and bitter words...
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    Suggestions - Which speaker set to buy within 5K.

    I want to purchase some speakers for my desktop. Can you please suggest which are the best ones in a budget of 5K?
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    Gears of War Movie Scheduled for 2010

    You haven't watched Hitman, in that case. The movie rocks!
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    Giveaway of the Day - MultiSet(100$ soft)

    whatever's been mentioned as the features of this installation can be done using nLite. nLite is a customization software for the Windows series of OSes which allows you to tweak the installation settings, add or remove drivers, add or remove the default programs installed with Windows and a...
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    A problem with the Nokia 5700

    @alsiladka Ok. Thanks a ton. :)
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    A problem with the Nokia 5700

    I've bought a Nokia 5700 a few days ago. The moment I got the phone I began fiddling with its features. The phone is awesome and beats the entire N series hands down when it comes to value for money, but there's a small problem - whenever I try to install any .sis Symbian application through...
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    Your favorite movie quote

    "Everything that has a beginning, has an end" - The Oracle, Matrix Revolutions
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    which company makes the best laptops?

    The best, Sony Vaio C25G !
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    SHUT DOWN DAY! Can you live without computer for 24 Hrs?

    Ask me to stop being alive , instead !
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    How do you find this HP Laptop ?

    My main requirement in choosing this notebook was that I should be able to use Win Vista with Aero and Flip 3D enabled, on it. What do you think ? Is it worth the price ( 69K ) ? Are there any better laptops which willl fit in to my budget of 70K ? Config HP Pavilion dv6137TX -...
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    The Distro Request Thread

    I have the following Distros - Fedora Core 5 DVD ( x86 32bit ) Sun Solaris 10 , DVD ( x86 32bit ) SimplyMepis 6.01 DVD ( x86 32bit ) I live in Pune . Send me a self addressed package with the media and I'll give you the Distros . PM me for more info .
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    Hmm , interesting .. Am going off the topic here , but is Linux XGL the base for Mandriva 2007 ? Just read a few moments ago that Mandriva 2007 has a 3D desktop environment called 3D Cube , analogous to Vista's 3D flip ..
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