A problem with the Nokia 5700

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I've bought a Nokia 5700 a few days ago. The moment I got the phone I began fiddling with its features.

The phone is awesome and beats the entire N series hands down when it comes to value for money, but there's a small problem - whenever I try to install any .sis Symbian application through PC Suite, the phone gives me the following error - "Installation of filename.sis not supported".

I've been an Ericsson user till now and hence I don't know much about the Symbian OS and its tweaks. Please help me with the above problem..


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dnt install thru pc suite just take the installation file inside the phone thru data transfer mode and then install in frm the phone itself...pc suite does create sum problems sumtimes...and dude..same here..was a sony ericsson all the while..but those paple realy cudnt live up to my xpectsations so i had to buy this..will be selling it off as he w960 or k850 hits the stores..


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That is not the issue. Nokia 5700 is a Symbian OS 9.2 phone, which is the S60v3 FP1. It does not support installation of S60v2 softwares. All the softwares need to be recoded using the new APIs and format.

Most of the softwares have been updated to support S60v3.
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