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    How to share files and net connection between 2 Computers ??

    I always prefer a router for such connections. The advantage is one computer can acceess the internet without requiring the other computer to be switched on - a general case for home computers. However, in office both computers are perhaps ON all the time so there one may not require a router.
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    internet in 2 sys without router or modem

    Comp A - Direct Internet Connection. Comp B - to share the internet connection of comp A. Run network connection wizard in Comp A and use pen drive to copy the set up in Comp B. This will eliminate writing ip adds yourself. Then in comp B in the internet explorer > tools > internet options > LAN...
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    Multi OS Boot Problem

    @adi007: The boot.ini file contents are - [boot loader] ;timeout=5 default=multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(2)\WINDOWS timeout=6 [operating systems] multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(2)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /fastdetect /NoExecute=OptIn ;C:\="Microsoft Windows"
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    Multi OS Boot Problem

    @T159 What to edit? That file has the usual two options. Even during booting I can see the dual boot options. Only after pressing enter while the Win 98 remains highlighted, the computer goes to restart.
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    Multi OS Boot Problem

    In my computer I had in C-drive: win 98 and in D-drive:win XP. I had loaded acronis os selector which gave me problem and when I uninstalled it I could boot only in Win 98. Thenafter by using Win XP CD I applied fixmbr and fixboot commands. Now I can boot only in Win XP. During booting even...
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    Share the best websites which many people doesn't know

    My picks: http://www.goidirectory.nic.in http://www.india.gov.in http://www.corecentre.org http://www.bollywoodworld.com http://cricket.123india.com http://www.medicinenet.com
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    my ip hijacked?

    Even after formatting the computer same result.
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    my ip hijacked?

    I've internet connection thru cable and so a static ip address. Whenever I try to download from rapidshare I get the time limitation warnings such as "download limit exceeded. wait for 80 minutes" or "you are already downloading a file. pleaes wait till it's over". Whereas for the last couple of...
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    usb to usb cable .. can it be used to ...

    U can use USB LAN card.
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    USB FM tuner

    Actually the purpose of FM tuner card can't be served by just putting the audio jack in the line in. Rather, many other functions like tuning can be directly controlled thru the laptop. So, I'm still for an FM tuner card.
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    USB FM tuner

    For my laptop I want an USB FM tuner card. I've searched in Kolkata but could not get any. Even the USB tv tuner cards also do not contain FM. However, such cards do exist - may not be in India. This link gives about the available USB FM tuner cards -...
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    Installing XP on HP laptop

    I've Compaq 6710b laptop pre-loaded with Windows Vista. I tried to install XP through the XP CD. After initializing it flashed the message that no hard disk found and XP cannot be installed and press F3 to quit. Please tell what to do.
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    hw 2 share net between lap & pc

    From Control Panel go to Network Connection and then the Network Connection wizard. It is step-by-step procedure managed in that wizard. Just try and report.
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    Dial up internet on laptop thru cellone

    My hardware are the following - 1. hp laptop 6710b with windows vista business. 2. Samsung mobile egh-840. 3. Mobile network - Cellone at Kolkata. I've installed the modem driver of the mobile in my laptop. Hopefully, the account free internet connection is also available in the cellone as...
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    hw 2 share net between lap & pc

    There are two ways depending upon your requirement - (A) Case-I While you access net from your lap the pc is also switched on or vice versa. In this case say your pc is directly connected to net by dial up or by broadband. First establish a network between the two. Then in your pc enable the...
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