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    what it feels like to move at speed of light

    Well, a sloppy analogy (what I can think of) could be to imagine you are riding on a single photon (setting apart the duality controversy). And on your world line, pick any two points and find the time it takes to travel the distance, you get nothing. You could say the concept of time itself...
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    Software to free yourself from Online Distractions - Freedom for productivity

    Aha!! see why there's not a Linux version of that software? :)
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    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    me too.. had left it unfinished months back.. Steam had my saves, but it was just 20 odd %, so started all over again :)
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    Your Gaming Backlog/Progress Report!

    Completed Dishonoured. Started Dishonoured again.
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    Your Gaming Backlog/Progress Report!

    Started Dishonoured.
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    [Query] LCD monitor flickering - needs a service?

    I have a Samsung 2233SW monitor. It's been like more than two years and was working very good. Just a few days back, it started flickering - say once in 5 seconds, it blacks out and comes back right away - and this is at regular intervals. I connected it to my laptop and saw the same...
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    Google Nexus 4 Thread

    What does a constant red led without flash mean on N4? I checked battery, its pretty good. I restarted, but no use. If there's an SMS and I haven't read it yet, the red led stays along with the default led showing up now and then. I don't use LightFlow or any such led mod apps.
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    Google Nexus 4 Thread

    Hi, my phone's gonna be in my hands by this weekend. I've searched for a matte anti glare screen guard for Nexus 4. Am looking for something which is a little coarse grained, I don't mind if it reduces the default brightness a little but mainly should be anti-glare. Any suggestions?
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    Bioshock: Infinite

    Ordered today on FK !
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    The Orange Box!!

    ^^^ Yep. Man there will be unforseen consequences... am warning you. Say my hello to to those scientists in the test chamber :)
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    Your Gaming Backlog/Progress Report!

    Ahh, cannot believe. Euro truck simulator 2 !!! Am addicted like hell :\ I have dismissed Skyrim to the sides to play it!!!
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    Dudes from bangalore

    Hohoho.. nice to see this bumped. Malls are boring :|
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    Skyrim launch - Steam Error - Failed to start the game (Unknown error)

    Got them working, had to re-install OS. Yes it would have been the SP1 update in my case too. Thank you!
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    Skyrim launch - Steam Error - Failed to start the game (Unknown error)

    I doubt that, but will give a try anyways. When I re-enabled getting updates from Microsoft, SP1 was one among several of them. I remember I had tried launching Skyrim before I did the SP1 specifically, but faced the same thing. I think I'll try uninstall just SP1, try running and if no use...
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    Skyrim launch - Steam Error - Failed to start the game (Unknown error)

    I had AC Brotherhood and Revelations and F1 2011 before this Steam story. All were running like a charm. After this Steam download of two games and some Windows update stuff (to Win7 64-bit SP1), all's blown except for F1 2011. Am still able to play fine just this one. Specs: Core i5 2500...
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