End of chevron wp7 labs.

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    Today on my visit to xda i came across this
    Enjoying Chevron? Say Goodbye to Your Developer Unlock
    The ChevronWP7 Labs experiment comes to an end
    Please read it
    From the looks of it i think microsoft is going too far too nonsense.
    Even apple which has a more/better closed ecosystem for it devices did not take these kind of steps to prevent jailbreaking.
    1 year back before mango was released chevronwp7 came to my mind and i was expecting that some developers/hackers will remove the limitations of wp7 like bluetooth file transfer,copy paste ,custom rom,UI customizations etc.(Just like the dev friendly android)
    Now that would have been great if microsoft did think about it more like of a enthusiast development(Remember microsoft support for kinect hacks)
    But I think microsoft is very intelligently digging its own grave and taking the good nokia with it.
    What do you think ?

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