Android displaying external sd card in mnt/sdcard/ and internal storage in mnt/emmc/

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    I rooted my galaxy S2 and flashed Cyanogen 9.1.0. Then my 32 GB external SD Card was not displayed in the file explorer and the reason i read was Cyanogen reads only FAT32 , So i formatted my External SD Card.
    But again external sd card contents were shown in mnt/emmc/ and not as mnt/sdcard/external_sd. So i read in xda that we have inject a small script in terminal emulator after creating a directory external_sd in mnt/sdcard/
    [FIX] {100% working }how to mount external sd card to /sdcard/external_sd ~ - xda-developers

    mount -o bind /mnt/emmc /sdcard/external_sd

    It worked well but the problem was i had run the script everytime i restarted the phone. So had to save script in text file and installed smanager to run it everytime i booted my phone. It worked well for few days. But one day when i restarted the phone for some reason, my entire internal storage contents went to mnt/emmc and external sd to mnt/sdcard. It switched them. So external sd card became my primary storage and internal went into miscellaneous.

    I couldnt understand, thought something went wrong with smanager, script and uninstalled it. Also before it switched storage, when i plugged to USB to my PC, only external sd contents were displayed but after it changed the storage, it shows both internal as well as external.

    What to do now?
    actually i like this way, but i am not sure what kind of problems will be there. what if i remove my external sd card suddenly, will android even run?
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    Having the same issue . I flashed CM7 over CM10. THen this happened.

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