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zotac gtx 970 extended warranty problem.


druken n done...!!
hello guys,

i recently bought zotac gtx 970,with it i got 2 year warranty but zotac gives extended warranty for graphic card if you register online.i m trying to register online but for some reason i keep getting error in captcha.
[ Register: ZOTAC - It's time to play! ]

like they ask [ 2-1,3x6,8+2,6+3 ] questions like these i have to input answer,but it just gives me the error [ Please check your captcha result. ] i have tried different browsers and googled the problem but found no solution. i got the gpu on 22 april 2015.i have 15 days left to register it.

i tried contacting customer service but it keeps telling me its a wrong number. i feel like zotac is trolling with the idea of extended warranty..

please help,thank you..


Cyborg Agent
Try a different browser. I was able to get the form processed via my firefox..
Also can try clearing cache/cookies


druken n done...!!
hi friends,

i tried but none of the browsers worked.
i was able to register by my mobile and got the conformation email.there's this part i didn't understand. i mean what they meant by it.
[ Full completion of the fields are necessary to obtain the extended warranty for ZOTAC products.

Please make a printout of this eMail and in add a copy to your card in a warranty case. ]
what do they mean by [ Full completion of the fields are necessary to obtain the extended warranty for ZOTAC products ]
what i have to fill some other form or something..please if anyone can explain it would be helpful.

i m still wondering why didn't it worked on my pc..it worked on mobile.

thank you for your suggestions.:razz:
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