Yeah its true,now Intel mobos to support SLi too.

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Its too good to be true but yup its true.nVidia is all set to support Intel X58 chipsets with SLi support without the need of the nforce 200 chipset.

Nvidia has agreed to enable SLI on Intel's X58 chipset without the need of the Nforce 200 chipset which has been a major bugbear with many of the motherboard manufacturers.

This is very good news indeed and we're not quite sure why Nvidia has come to its senses, but it seems to have something to do with not having its own QPI chipset. There's a small caveat though, as any motherboard manufacturer that wants to get SLI support on its motherboards has to send samples to Nvidia's HQ in Santa Clara to get them tested and verified, which we're sure Nvidia will be charging something or the other for

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if that cookie can be implemented in other chipsets like P45,X48 etc, then it'll be gr8 for ppl who own nVidia cards just buy another card and set up SLi.they'll hav a dual advantage of setting up either CrossfireX or SLi.


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tell me the latest prices of intel and quad processors please???
i hav 2 buy a pc soon... so plz suggest me some....
nice information... thanks...
ma bugget is about 30k for cpu...
This might only be temporary, and X58 would become a legend like Skull Trail in the future.

The moment nVidia comes out with its own Nehalem Compatible chipset, its going to show the longest finger to X58.



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^^^ if that cookie can be implemented correctly in others mobos BIOS then i dont think theres something to worry bout.
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