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Want a Purchase of New Branded Pc


Broken In
please suggests me for a purchase a Branded computer (Complete set) for Heavy duty with following configuration
Core i7 processor, 16 Gb ram , at least 1 Tb HDD ,Graphics card not compulsory........


Looking at your expected config, be ready to cash out ~100k+ for "branded" PC (maybe without GPU) while you can get a way better config in an assembled one with same amount.


WD Official
Hi rokey_4u,

There are some Pros and Cons to select the PC.

Assembled PC
You can customize the system and get, the more powerful configuration in the same price and the most importantly, it's a future proof rig and easy to upgrade.

For warranty claim, you have to go for different customer service based on the assemble hardware.

Branded PC
For warranty claim, you have to just contact with the service provided company.

Not easy to upgrade and limited support for different softwares.
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