Vista Problem Or Hardware Problem ?

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My system configuration is :

AMD Athlon 64 3500+
Transcend DDR 400 Mhz 1GB x2 (Dual Channel Mode)
Seagate ST3808110AS (SATA 2) 80 GB x2
Ati Radeon 9700 Pro 128 MB (AGP 8X)
Zebronics LCB400ATX SMPS

I have installled the latest drivers form Ati & Via on my OS -- Windows Vista Home Premium RTM (Latest Updates Installed) (In trial mode) (Performance rating 4.2).

Whenever i run Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter my system a matter of fact the OS hangs whenever i try to run any games....GoD from airtel broadband is not working either (simple games like chessmaster).....My CPU fan makes a lot of noise....

I wanted to know if my motherboard or smps or some other components are faulty.....I checked the Ram using MemTest86 in Hiren's Boot CD it gave no errors.

I also wanted to know if any system upgrade is required to run Vista (no professional gaming....once in a while "yes").

If upgrade is neccssary.....which is the best Processor Motherboard combo i can buy for Rs 10,000/-.

I have a budget of Rs 2000 for a new SMPS....which should i buy....?

Thanks a lot.


Vista is Dx10 based OS and with it you are using a beta or RC so that versions were under development ,, Buy a vista version now and you wont get any problems...


in my case the OS runs really Smoooth, but games run like SlideShow, even the old games.

Vista actually runs a lot smoother & Faaaster than XP Pro.

my config- Intel DG965WH, P4 3.06GHz (519k)
-Corsair 1GB DDR2 800MHz RAM (currently running them @ 533MHz)

Jayanth.M.P, dude, its not the CPU fan makin the sounds, its the Zebronics SMPS:D, i too have a Zebr. SMPS.

see if there's any option in BIOS for controllin fan speed.


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I agree it may be ur SMPS thats at fault. get a decent alternate perhaps(antec maybe),

and about the ghost recon thing, i think ur old ATI could not take it?, well try updating to any newer drivers or else get a NEW low end card for the time being till nVIDIA 8 series is affordable

BTW almost all games run slower in vista for me, u can see the slight decrease in performance in low end games , but games like FEAR(with Full eye candy turned on) u can see considerable amount of performance loss.

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Yeah the frame rates drop in Vista as compared to XP.Other dan dat Vista is a good OS and its xtremely good at multitasking if u hav a dual-core proccy.Since u can afford a proccy+mobo go for Athlon X2.


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GRAW is a killer game , by killer i mean its awesome nd kills your system a the same time , your card is not the ideal hardware to play the game ,and dont play that game in vista as it already eats up your resources. Also the video drivers provided aby ATI and NVIDIA are in very bad shape(Nvidia ones still in Beta) so may be with the release of new drivers in future the game will not crash. If you have stopped using XP totally thats not a good idea. XP on my machine is going to stay one more year.


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Games are still NO NO in vista. Otherwise it is smooth. May be old games prior to vista needs vista patches.
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