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i bought the gtx960 from Earthsyscom Pvt. Ltd. a wholesaler and an authorised nvidia distributor in ahmedabad. these people offered to give me extra game codes for AMD cards even though i bought Nvidia sadly i forgot and left those codes at their table desk.

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Well i believe the new amd cards will take little more time to reach India after its launch and a little further more time for its price to decrease (assuming that amd creates a similar performing card and sells it at much lower price.) if there is little price diff. nvidia wouldnt care as their cards are usually little exp than amd which is fair if you ask me. Nvidia has better drivers which perform consistently in all games.

PLUS THE WITCHER 3 OFFER HAS EXPIRED NOW!! I saved 60$ as well by purchasing before 1st june. Torrenting good games is not my way. I like to support the developers. I m sure nvidia is giving a bit of its revenue from the new GTX cards to CD project red.

my CA final exams got over and i would be wasting away my freetime by not gaming now and waiting for AMD cards :p

gg well done :)


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Game Codes?? Which games?? So that means they are giving codes who buy from them?? Or is it like if we buy GPU from online stores then also we do get it inside thw box???

You dont get the codes inside the box. you have to ask the seller. Flipkart is also one of the authorised seller, if you ask them they should send you one code for Witcher 3.

For gtx 970/980 you also get batman AK, but the process for redeeming it is different. This redeem process is connected to your GFX card serial number.
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