Shall i buy same Asus mother board or try a new model


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Hello friends,
I recently bought asus mother board prime A320M-K from md computers kolkata 2years back
but unfortunately the motherboard got damaged as i discussed in this thread due to excessive use of thermal paste
getting into the mother board socket damaging it

i have submitted the mother board at Asus service centre in kolkata but today when i called them they told me they have no idea when they will supply me the replaced refurbished mother board due to this pandemic ..can be 15 days or more(i assume)
but since i need to make payments and need to complete my projects i cant afford to sit so long as i dont do banking from mobile

so i decided to buy a new motherboard prefrably the same model or a lil upgraded version

but my query is shall i go for the same one or get some upgraded one (do keep in mind my budget is same like that of -Asus prime A320M-K) and also check my processor ,ram,smps configuration stated below

my specs

processor -Athlon 200GE(mdcomputers,has inbuilt graphics)
mothdrboard-Asus prime A320M-K--4325(mdcomputers)
smps corsair 550 watt
2*4gb 2400mhz corsair ram

any help will be appreciated thanks

any help will be appreciated thanks


if you are going to reuse your athlon 200ge,then just get a a320 based mobo from gigabyte,asus etc-all of them are pretty similar in terms of specs and quality


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May be you could spend a bit more to get a B450 microATX motherboard. Might open up an upgrade path to a better processor a couple of years down the line.


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thanks everyone for reply but i have gone with the same motherboard..the reason being i didnt need to format pc only they replaced the motherboard and so far everything is running smoothly
and i will keep the refurbished asus motherboard for future backup

i might try gigabyte in future
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