using a portable external cd writer..on my win 10 asus lappie..have issues with RW CDs...they have limited use,wont accept data after some use.any good free cd burner which can help.also which are the best RW CD brands...cant use a pendrive because of government restrictions on official computers to transfer data


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RW discs have a upper limit on how many times you can re-write them in general. So, after a certain number of writes, you will be unable to write anything else. In such a case it's better to use a fresh disc.

As for brands, HP, Dell or Asus should be good.


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RW CDs are good only for less than 10 writes in my experience & that too when all those writes are ~70-80% of the capacity. I used to use Moser Baer & sometimes sony cd.


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In India in my observation only Moserbaer & Sony RWs were available in local shops. Moserbaer liquidated, so check if Sony is available. Check local stationary/gift articles type of shops. Even if you find HP/Vertabim etc they are good too.
CD = about 650 MB, DVD = about 4.5 GB
If to go for RWs or Rs entirely depends upon your data size. E.g. if I want to take 20 GB of data then I can either go for one DVD RW of INR 80 – 100 etc and RW it multiple times or simply burn 6 DVD R’s INR 25 each. Latter also offers automatic backup solution for at least next 3 – 4 years.

Run a software called VSO Inspector to check the exact Read & Write capabilities of your writer drive and then decide. For freeware options, Burn Aware Free is good for burning but I personally found Active DVD Eraser quite good at Quick Erase of RWs. It was even better than Nero or Burn Aware!
If your laptop can be taken out of office and in case you have access to another personal computer which is not governed by corporate policies, then you might just try for Windows networking shared folders/RDP etc (RDP needs Pro/Ultimate editions for host) and check if you can network two PCs with data transfer between the two. Your office laptop might have some additional restrictions (at client level operations) put in place by Admins though.
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