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Hi All

I am moving to another country for long term, how should I move my pc with me? I have a good PC, so I want to take it with me instead of selling it. I have carried it along in my car in India but this time I will be flying and have thoughts to pack it within my luggage as I will be getting the 30kg weight slot in check-in.

I will ditch the cabinet for obvious weight/size reasons and willing to dissemble everything, pack them in bubble wrap decently and place them along with jeans & shirts. Thats it.
Accommodation is from my employers end and I have no idea whether they will give me a TV or not. If they do, I can skip my monitor, If they don't I can still skip monitor but have to purchase a new monitor there.

Questions I have :-

- If they provide a TV, Can I use it as full time monitor without damaging it (burn-in screen)?

- The Arabian Belt uses G type electrical sockets. Apart from the socket and prongs shape, any ill effect on my D type PSU? If so, I will skip the PSU as well and buy new there.

- I trust hardwires more then wireless. How about bringing 15m or so of LAN wire to connect my motherboard to the available LAN port? Or just bring RJ45 connector and the tool and arrange the wire there? The other weight saving best alternative is the 5 gram wifi dongle (Tenda M311mi N150) which I already have.

- Where will I mount the hardware since I won't carry my cabinet. What are the best available options do I have?
The cheapest but not the cleanest thing I can do is to put cpu cooler and gpu on motherboard and put it inside a cardboad box with the open hood OR Wall Mount everything. Or make a DIY transparent Acrylic base to screw the MB on it and HDD under it, Kindoff PSU on bottom. HDD/SSD in between and MB/GPU on Top, all in stack.

Request you all to please suggest and advice here for the improvement.

Weight of the items below :-

ItemModelWeight in GramsRemarks
ProcessorIntel i7 477027Mandate
MotherboardGigabyte GA-H81M-S (Micro ATX)350
RAMKingston HyperX DDR3 x 280
PSUCooler Master Thunder 500w780
SSDAnt Esports 690 Neo Sata 2.5" 128 GB SSD75
CableSata, LAN, HDMI Cable + etc items150
GPUSapphire PULSE RX 570600
CPU CoolerCooler Master Hyper 212x660Tower Cooler. Can be replaced by stock cooler
HDDWD Blue 2 TB x 2 HDD1200Can opt in for 1 HDD only
MonitorLG 25UM58 Ultra Wide 21:93900Have to check whether I will be getting TV there
Keyboard MouseRedgear Manta 2.11400Can replace it with Logi MK345 Wireless kit



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Three options:

1. Use Courier service (they will charge you as per weight) so that you can have free legroom in your flight :)
2. Assemble new PC in UAE. I guess it will be cheaper there compared to India.
3. Buy a new Laptop.


2. Assemble new PC in UAE. I guess it will be cheaper there compared to India.
3. Buy a new Laptop.
These are the apt options. OP's PC is old enough to not be carried abroad. I won't consider transporting a monitor in checked-in luggage given how they handle it.
IF there was an ongoing silicon shortage, might have been worth taking some parts. But with those specs, my old laptop with i7 8750H + 2060 will outperform it. So sell the PC here & maybe buy a gaming laptop with RTX 3050/3060 there or build a new PC there.

I will say it is a big hassle to carry parts, so don't think about it.

If you are looking to not spend money, take parts except monitor & cabinet, maybe even PSU. Get new monitor & cabinet there & reassemble there.
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