Recommend a full HD 32" monitor for watching hd content and gaming


I've been meaning to buy a 32 inch display for quite a while now,given that the prices of these displays have dropped a lot in the recent months.

Initially i wanted to go for a TV-However full Hd 32 inch TVs from LG/samsung etc are quite pricey,and tend to cost around Rs 25k or more.Also tvs have only 1 year warranty but monitors have typically 3 years warranty.

Also some cheaper brands like Mi which offer full hd panels within 17-18k tend to have inferior picture quality(from what i've read in their reviews).

So i looked around and found that some 32 inch monitors are also available,which could double up as TV should such a need arise.

More specifically,i was quite impressed with this LG 32 inch monitor,which costs around 17k and is full HD(most tvs in this price range dont support 1080p and are hd ready):

Is this 32 inch monitor worth buying?Has anyone here used this monitor?As this is an IPS panel,i am hoping its picture quality is good?

On amazon,the reviews are rather favourable,with only a handful of buyers complaining of panel issues that developed in some cases after a few months-hopefully these issues aren't widespread but are isolated ones.

It fits my budget(which was upto 15k,but can be extended by 2k)- I may use this later for gaming on a ps4 as well(provided i can afford one,that is).

I looked for similar models from samsung etc but couldn't find any-it seems samsung doesn't have any 32 inch monitors for sale in India.

Is it a good idea to get this monitor?please advice.
People say 1080p at 27" isn't a good experience for texts & all, you are thinking of 32" for a monitor. 32" is huge for a monitor which you generally keep closer to your eye than a TV.

IMO the TV market has shifted towards 32" HD, 40/43" FHD/4K & anything bigger (50/55/65") is mostly 4K. Hard to find a combination outside that.

Maybe get this 1440p monitor:
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If you can spend more, this is a much better option, provided you have a good hardware for gaming (PS4 isn't that):


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Always go for standard resolution - 1080p/4K if you are going to watch TV or use console on it. Other resolutions might not scale correctly.


Sorry for the late update but i have postponed the purchase of this monitor due to monetary difficulties.

I will resume the discussion when i am in a position to buy it again.Thanks to everyone who offered me their valuable inputs.
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