Please help me building PC for Graphical work

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Hi ! All Dear Members,
I M new to the forum but reading Digit fro its inception


I want my PC for graphical work. I inted to use it for photoshop, corel draw, Image editing pro software and some vedio editing also. I want to play games to some time !

I want to build it on AMD processor as I have read and heared alot about them in Digit and also from some friends.

Please suggest me latest and fast and future proof suitable processor. :!: What about Dual core ? :?:

Suggest me suitable mother board.

Graphic card


Hard drive

Optical Drive (DVD writer)

Flat CRT monitor

Power supply

TV tunner card

Please suggest me about all of the above with model name and make.
My budget is 50000 +/- 5000

Please reply only if U have genuine knowledge and interest in enlightening me and also please do not make contradictory suggestion as they will leads me to know where but confussion and whole process of seeking help will prove fruit less.

Please do reply and Oblige.

Tushar Lad


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Tusharbhai, kem chhe. Computer levu chhe. Ekdam right jaga par pohchiya chho tame. Go for AMD dual core. Its damn good for your kind of work. Designing work loads up the system to the max so go ahead with AMD X2. One fellow member over here had got a AMD dual core for similar use and he seems to be pretty happy with it.

Tusharbhai, configuration aa rahiyu:

CPU - AMD X2 3800+/4200+

Motherboard - K8N Diamond Plus

Graphic card - 6600GT/6800GS-GT

Ram - 2 X 1GB DDR (Transcend/Kingston/Corsair)

Hard drive - 1 X 250GB or 2 X 120GB SATA HDD

Optical Drive - Sony/Lite-On DVDRW

Flat CRT monitor - Viewsonic 19" monitor

Power supply - Antec TruePower II 550

TV tuner card - Pinnacle per your convinience you can opt for ext or int

I am afraid this will stretch your budget quiet a bit, but hey get the best stuff. After all you dont buy a computer every quarter.


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I think tusharlad can go in for a lower rated power supply if he`s not using 2 hdd and the tv tuner card...after all, 6600gt isnt that much of a power hog!!!


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The reason I recommended 550W is because this mobo is SLi capable. In future if he puts in one more GFX then it would certainlyneed it. nVidia recommends a powerful PSU. Moreover AMD X2 will also eat up some power. Not to mention the power required for extra fans. Since he is into graphics, it makes sense to have 2 medium-size HD rather than 1 big HD. If he gets a powerful PSU now, then he wont have problems in future in case he needs to add more stuff like HD/DVDRW/TV capture cards/GFX etc. I hope that explains it.


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Thanks a lot for suggesting this configuration But I think it would cost more than 100000. while my budget is just half of this Please sugggest something thats fit in my range

I want some more people's suggestion

Please do reply

I will be thankful to all of you.


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I'd say ...

Intel Pentium4 3.0 GHz EM64T ... which will be easily oc'ed to 3.6 GHz gaurantee ...

MSI 915P/G Combo ,.....

2 GB DDR2 533 MHz

XFX 7600GT XXX Edition

Antec TP 430W


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Tushar, since you want an AMD rig only, here is the config.

AMD 64 3500+ - 10300

A8N-E - 5650

2 X 1GB RAM - 7600

6600 GT 128MB - 8750

1 X 200GB HD - 4200

DVD-Writer 16xD - 2500

Antec TP 430W - NA

19" CRT - NA

The cost except for PSU and the monitor comes to around 39,000/-. There can be fluctuation of prices depending on the location. So just check with your local vendors first. My reference has been You can change the mobo & GFX as per your requirements. If GFX is not so important, then opt for MSI RS-482 mobo with decent onboard graphics. This will save the money for GFX right now and thats a big amount. Moreover that mobo is cheaper as well. So choice is yours.


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Dear friends,

My local dealer told me that there is a problem of heating in AMD processors, and cause a frequent system crashes. is it true with latest Dual Core models 3800+ and 4200+ ?
Please informe me as I intend to buy one for my new system.
Also suggest a best suitable mobo for these.


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Proc. isnt all that important....AMD64 3200+ or IntelPentium4 3.0 Ghz r sufficient, the former being cheaper.
get 2 GB RAM + GeFORCE 7300 GS atleast and u shudn't have ne trouble


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Tushar, its same old BS. They dont know $h!t about their stuff and keep passing stupid comments. If you take a look around the forum and ask anyone they'll say the same thing. Back in 2002 when I purchased my first AMD rig, I was told something similar by the dealers, but I was adamant on my decision and bought AMD. I havent regrreted my decision. So ask him to shut up and give you what you want. This dealers are jerk most of the time. They try to recommend stuff which gives them better margins rather than suggesting the best product. So just go ahead and buy what you want rather than relying on your dealers advice. After all so many AMD fans cant be wrong. And AFA X2 is concerned, it doesnt heat up that much at all. But still I advise that you add some extra fans to it.


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Thanks A lot !

Here is one more confusion
What is the difference between DDR and DDR II. What difference they make in performance of a system.

What about warranty !
Dealer says that Warranty counts from the day of mfg. and not from the actual date of purchase by the end user. means if a SONY DVD writter mfg. in 10- 2005 bears 3 years warranty, it is counted from that day only.
and if a person purchases it on 04-2006 he losses 6 months warranty.
This is claimed by a dealer.
Is it true ?
Please try to find the truth and inform


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dont listen t dealer... try searching for the details in tech based forums or raise a question over here..... those dealers knows nothing but margins..... greater the margin better the products for them.....

by the way amd is way better than intel........ dont believe me... check the forum for urselves....


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Amd64x2 3800+
2 Gig crosair memory
nVidia 7800 GTX (if u a afford SLI it would be better)
Any ANTEC Cabinet
Antec True Power 2.0 550 watts SMPS


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The two important things that should matter to you should be adequate RAM and a good large monitor. Also, why are you going in for a CRT monitor? LCD screen prices have dropped quite a bit and are comparable with CRTs.
(19 inch CRT = 12k, 17 inch LCD = 13.5k)

You don't need a high horsepower graphics card for photoshop and coreldraw, for occasional gaming 6600 is good enough.

Proccy power....get the fastest you can afford...


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Samrulezs config would be way above ur budget. you dont need a 7800GTX and an ANTEC cabinet.

A 6600 (GT or non GT) with an Antec smartpower 400w and a stock cabinet will be much more cost effective.

It will be like buying a ferrari to drive around in Indian roads.


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Buddy warranty always starts from the date of purchase and not mfg. Just imagine a scenario where dealer has old stock of a component say 9 months old and the warranty provided by the company is good for 1 year. In that case the customer will have warranty only for 3 months. Thats ridiculous. So check out for a dealer who has decent knowledge about the stuff he is selling and doesnt want to screw the customer that bad.
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