Official ICC T20 WC 2009 thread

Whose your favourite team for this T20 World Cup 2009 ??

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I am here bro.winning and loosing is part of the game.still i am very much happy with English.if you analyze overall batting side of england you will notice not more than 2 ducks(afaik) in this tournament but in WI its special,3 ducks in just one game and completely failing to read the sl spinners.LMAO... the way pollard got dismissed and goodness gracious sammy glancing,nodding his head at scoreboard as if hes gonna perform miracle.

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tHe nEw gEEk......ITian
thts true.........pak really played well nd sl very bad........!!!

^^ I dont think so, after winning a championship they can demand for hosting WC. No one want to play in a ground filled with mines.:lol:

And now, ICC has done dope test of Shahid Afridi.......:rolleyes:
But the reality is: ICC t20 WC 09 champion : Pakistan......
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