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Nokia 5230 or Samsung corby pro

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Hi folks,
I am about to buy a new phone for a budget of 9000 and below.I browsed upon many models and reviews and asked a few of my friends too for a good mobile of that cost or below.The mobile intend to buy should have 3g,good internal memory(70/50MB or more) and external memory upto 16/8GB,Mp3 player,Bluetooth,Wifi(optional but hopefully) and big screen.One of my friend told Samsung model are compatible only with few apps and dont have good resell value.And arent as good as Nokia.As i was thinking to buy say Samsung Monte or Corby TV or Corby pro.
SO after all the sweat,I have picked out a few..SO please tell me which is better phone amongst these which come with my reqd features and is a good phone as well.
Samsung M5650 Corby 3G,Samsung S5620,Samsung B5310Corby,HTC f3188,Nokia 5230,Nokia 7230..Thanks.
PS-if any other mob of my budget,pls notify me:!::wink:


i dont think there is any phone in this budget which has both 3G and WiFi expect corby pro, If u want a big screen go for Nokia 5230(has 3G) or Nokia 5530 (has wifi)


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I think the 5230 suits your needs. I have one, it is a very good phone with a great screen. If you want Wifi you'll have to go for the 5530 but it lacks 3G and the screen is a tad smaller at 2.9" to the 5230's 3.2", with the same resolution of 640x360 (nHD). The symbian OS means that there are a wide variety of apps available for both the 5230 and 5530 as compared to the Samsung.


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Oh I see a lot people pretty brand loyal to Nokia here..Well I was confused too so left both of em in the self and grabbed other junk for more time and model to decide.


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5230 is a good phone. I have used 5800 XM and they share the same hardware & software. It lacks wi-fi, but is good in other respects. If wi-fi is a must, you can also consider Nokia E63 as I suppose you don't particularly need a big screen.
As for samsung, first thing is, I found the capacitive screen very inconvenient (I have used my friend's corby many times). Since you don't have a stylus, you are forced to use the finger every time, so if you have sweaty fingers, it becomes almost impossible to operate. And also for some reason I found that it simply doesn't respond to my touch although my friend never faces such a problem (He concludes my skin is a good insulating material :-D). So do try one if you decide to go for it.
Also the Menus & other UI elements are not as good as they should have been. For example, if you receive a missed call, it shows the number of missed calls as the total of all missed calls in the call log. So you might often come across things like "You have 17 missed calls" and jump at it, and such other things. But the widgets are good.

One thing, if someone knows why the capacitive screen doesn't respond to my fingers, please enlighten me!
If you have money, go for SAMSUNG CORBYPRO B5310.. Its the 2nd best touch phone available in india(rating by PC WORLD).. its resistive touch, 3.2 camera, 3g, wifi, QWERTY hard keypad, handwriting recognition, panorama shot for image, two additional back covers, motion sensor etc.. but only one disadvantage, its JAVA based.. not symbian!!

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Otherwise go for Samsung Monte.. It has got the best value for money.. It contains everything which is in CorbyPro except QWERTY keypad, Handwriting recognition, and it is capacitive touch.. but bigger screen than CorbyPro.. but pixels are same!!


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I have 5233 which is almost same as 5230, but it keeps hanging every now and then. Need to restart it then! The speaker volume is very low. Screen quality is low compared to samsung! AGain i have used samsung phones also which contain lots of software bugs in their new models. So decide what you want to compromise upon. I guess Nokia C3 would suite your requirement since it has wi-fi, But i am not very sure about 3G.
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