need in ear monitors/earphones


which ones are better?
senn cx 180
brainwavz m1/pro alpha/m2
sony mdrex57
soundmagic pl 30/pl 50
klipsch image s2
mee m9/m6
any other?

budget 1.5k-2k

what about using an amp?
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What kind of music do you listen to ? Which genres ? Also, what sort of a sound signature are you looking for ? (i.e. decent low-end with great mid-range, bright sounding, bassy, etc)
But IMO, the Brainwavz M2 are a great pair of VFM earphones with great bass (quality and quantity with enoug depth), good mids and a great treble without any sibilance. Get them if you can expend your budget by about 700 more bucks


i like psychedelic, electronic, trance, house, a bit of progressive rock, and some metal
the bass must be present, but not too overpowering.

i had creative ep 630's, and they were very weak in the mid range, while having strong bass.
sometimes the bass sounded flabby, and the highs were a bit grating.

and no, i did not burn them in.

1. m2 @ 2.5k
2. m1 @ ???
3. ???

the other options are if my dad starts smoking at the ears, i'll need to placate him by lowering my budget (you know fathers, they think that once you buy something, it will go on forever)

and yeah, what is the approx life of such iems'?

@ azzu, can you post some reviews? i've not heard of them
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Well, the M2 should certainly suit your needs and its a great IEM. I dont really like IEM's and have only owned 2 cheapish ones, which i dont use anymore, so i'm probably not the best person to ask that question to.

Convince your father that spending slightly more for a significantly better product is worth it. Whats the point of buying a cheaper one if it will get broken easily. My dad was (still is) apprehensive of me buying anything expensive. Took a long time to convince gim otherwise so i can understand :)


If you can afford it - Brainwavz M2.

Else, M1. M1 is Rs. 1950 shipped from


I am using the M1. You may read the review I posted here. Link in my signature.

The source is iPod Classic or Dell Studio 15. The M1 is great for those looking for balanced sound under Rs. 2000.


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The Soundmagix PL30's do come with a bass control nozzle on the actual earpiece that's suppose to increase/decrease the amount of bass - but in all honesty, the change isn't that noticeable and cranked up to the highest point of 'bass' it's still dwarfed by the bass quality of the M2's (which I own) - which have the strongest bass out of the Brainwavz bunch but is not overpowering in general. P.S, I would recommend not considering the PL50 in regards to what you said you'll be listening to - it uses a balance armature driver - not good for bass at all.


I'd say go for the M2 if your can afford. Lynx india and pristine note are selling it for around 2.6 to 2.7 k.
However i bought my M2 few days back for 2.3 k only. (It was 25% off the M2 for one day on lynx)
M2 has a lovely bass which doesn't overpower the mids and highs and its detailing is nice too.
You will probably love the M2 if u spend a little more.
IMO, you should spend 500 more bucks for them.
Regarding M1, they are also pretty good for its price, just that they dont have that much quantity of bass. It does well for vocals and is a pretty neutral Iem.
Go for M1 if you can't afford M2.
P.s - You can get soundmagic pl50 for less than 2k which in my opinion is a great deal. Its better than M1 for sure but the bass of M2 is best for your price.

Yes the site is reputable. But be prepared for long delays if you order through that.
You'd be better off buying from lynx india and pristinenote.


luck is holding up. i asked my dad for the money again today, he didnt blow up this time.
thats a good sign :)

if all goes well, i'll order them within the week


I have the exact same query and feel that reviving this dead thread will serve more purpose for me than start afresh.

Well I am looking for alternatives to CX-180 or the same pair themselves. Actually my question is are there any better IEMs than the CX-180 for around the same price?

I recently got a pair of Brainwavz M1 @1800bucks from pristinenote around a week back.
My old pair of CX180 are also with me, but one of the earpieces has distorted, ever so slightly though.

In comparison my old CX sound better than the M1. Infact I was happy with the M1 until I did the comparison. So now I am an unhappy soul. I am contemplating buying the CX180 again since I never had problems with them in the first place and have been tried and tested by me. [I know however that they would die in a year]

So guys what do you suggest? Buy a CX180 again? or what?

No suggestions? :-(
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