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Right off the assembly line
1) What is your budget? (INR or USD)

A)Rs.40,000 (Can extend the budget by only 2-3 thousand bucks more).

2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer?
Netbook; 11" - 10” screen or less
Thin and Light; 12" - 14" screen
Mainstream; 15" - 16" screen
Desktop Replacement; 17"+ screen

A) Mainstream. (14" is fine, though.)

3) Are there any brands that you prefer or any you really don't like?
a. Like: All mainstream brands : Dell, HP, Lenovo, Samsung, Toshiba, Acer, yada-yada.
b. Dislike:Very obscure brands like Fujitsu and those which are less known in the computer segment like LG.

4) What are the primary tasks will you be performing with this notebook?

A) I would be going to an engineering college pretty soon. So, I need my laptop to cater to all my needs there. This includes: Programming, office apps like MS Office, Photoshop, Video Editing (low-medium quality renders would do).
Gaming: I am expecting it to run games like BF3, CS:GO, Assassin's Creed, Crysis (Have I spelt it right?) and BF4, Gta V when they come out.

** Another thing worth mentioning is that I am not concerned about running them on high quality. Medium-low settings would be just fine. All I want is that CS:GO should run on ultra.

5) What screen resolution(s) & type (glossy/matte) would you prefer?

A) Anything would do.

6) Anything else you would like to say? (eg: local purchase, ASS,matte/glossy finish)

- I am not expecting to get a Full HD screen. Normal quality would do.
- High resolution isn't something I would die to get.
- I want a decent graphic card to run the games listed above. (I personally like GT650). **Is ATI 7670m equivalent to the GT650M card? Is GT730 better than either? And what about HD 8730m.
- A large HDD isn't really required. I can compromise on it.
- Should have atleast 4 GB ram.
- I am ok with online as well as local shopping (Nehru Place for the win :p ).

Here are the one's I've been stalking for some time :

The Dell Online Store: Build Your System

Samsung NP350V5C-S02IN Laptop (3rd Gen Ci5/ 4GB/ 1TB/ Win7 HP/ 2GB Graph) - Samsung: Flipkart.com


Cyborg Agent
wait for sometime... coz laptops with nvidia 7 series would soon be flooded in the market


Right off the assembly line
Thank you all for your valuable feedback.

I was really considering to go the AMD configuration : HP Pavilion G6-2313AX Laptop (APU Quad Core A10/ 6GB/ 1TB/ DOS/ 2.5GB Graph) - HP: Flipkart.com

Is A10+7660+7670 good for gaming?

@RON 28 : When is the Nvidia 7 series expected to be released? I think some laptops (by Dell) are already using GT730 and it isn't that good.

@nikufellow : Samsung NP370R5E-S05IN Notebook ( Intel Core i5-3230M/6 GB/1 TB HDD/ Win8/ 2 GB Graphics-AMD-8750M /15.6 Inch) - Buy Online @ Best Price | Snapdeal : It's awesome :)


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