multibooting windows me/freebsd/linux

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i tried installing windows me /freebsd and linux redhat (also elx) on a 40 Gb machine with grub loader. When i log on to linux it works in terminal type system and does not start in xserver system and give error of something like Xconfig11 and does not start xwindows. Further while booting in BSd it starts with TVM desktop though i have installed KDe and Gnome as well but I dont know how to switch to later desktops.

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1st partition - 10 GB - ME - install first
2nd partition - 20 GB - Linux with grub
now grub will boot both linux and me
3rd parition - 4 GB - install bsd; don't install BSD boot loder
BSD won't boot after installation; now boot to linux open /etc/grub.conf and put freebsd booting stuff. Read man/info page of grub it got info



Right off the assembly line
thank you

Thank you Nixcraft

I had installed Windows ME on the 10 GB and 5 GB for Linux (Elx biz) and 5 GB for freeBSD rest all extended drives for the windows. I installed Windows ME first and then BSD with its boot loader and then ElX Biz linux with Grub loader. During installation of Linux itself it give two OS one as DOS and second as Linux no listing of BSD. During that Grub loading configuration I added BSD with partition information and its booting perfect with grub laoder.

I have configured the KDE environment for BSD by changing Xinitrc file. I wanna have the plain vanilla TWM and uninstall KDE completely to save space as for KDE I can always work from Linux. so can anybody tell me how to uninstall KDE I have default Xinitrc file as well as backup so i will replace that ofcourse.

Further during installation of Ports failed in BSD, is it not available on Digit DVD.

can i acess unix files on linux and vice versa.

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