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Messed up Firefox after creator's update


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My windows 10 auto updated to the latest creator's update. When I opened Firefox after the update the loading bar kept on loading and after a while it said FF not responding. I created a new profile via firefox -p and it worked fine. I need the saved password, history, bookmarks etc. from the default profile so I copied "all" files and folders from this default profile folder and pasted into the newly created profile but this profile is now showing the same error. Why is this happening? I am using win 10 with the same FF version in my laptop also and it was updated without any problems. Is there any way to recover or copy passwords, history, bookmarks etc. as they are of paramount importance to me.
Also how to stop windows from reporting these kinda issues to MS?



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Don't delete anything from old profile folder.Test it on win 7/8.1 system with data from old profile folder(only specific files) to confirm if the issue is with win 10 on your system.You can also try downloading the latest portable version of firefox & then use that to see if it also shows slow YT streaming.If not then try copying old profile data into this new portable firefox folder to see if it works.


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Which version of Firefox are you using? Perhaps some extension broke with the update. If you are using Firefox Sync, you can recover most of your data from the backup and choose not to sync extensions to prevent the crash.
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