Looking to get a 4K 40-43 Inch TV


1. Budget? 38,000
2. Display type and size? 40-43 Inch
3. What will the TV/monitor be used for primarily? - Movies,Gaming with XBox One X
4. Types and number of ports required? - HDMI
5. Preferred choice of brand? - Sony,Samsung,LG and any brand with good quality and after sales support would be fine.
6. Any TV/monitor in consideration? AUE60 4K Smart Crytsal UHD TV UA43AUE60AKLXL | Samsung India
7. Any other info that you want to share.

I'm Looking to purchase a 40-43 inch TV.Was initially looking for Full HD , but spending a little more seems to give 4K res.My XBOX supports 4K, so that will be good i guess.
Was initially looking for Android,but it seems new Smart TVs come with most applications installed.
Samsung is going to release their new 4K variant AUE60 4K Smart Crytsal UHD TV UA43AUE60AKLXL | Samsung India
Please suggest some good models.

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In my opinion, it's not worth it buying a 4k TV of 43" size. The difference between full HD and 4k isn't all that noticeable below 50". If space is not a constraint, you can go for 50" TV from Vu or similar brand.

But I see you plan to use it with Xbox, so in case you sit closer to the TV, this point won't be as applicable.

Vu TVs earlier used to have good reviews. I myself have a 50" Vu Premium Android TV. They still get good reviews, but availability is not the same as pre-covid times. You can check the currently available models on Amazon. They have the ultra android lineup where the 43" and 50" are priced at 33k and 37k respectively.
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