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Lasik...is it really worth the money???

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Well around 6 years back when lasik was offering freedom from specs...but as i was underage that time.....i postponed the plane...that time i heard the max it cost would be 25k

Now again i enquired about it and was simply amazed to see after so many hospitals offering it cost has gone upto 45k...

do u guys have any idea is it the correct price...

I already know 2peoples who have done lasik and now have normal eyesight...


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yaar personally i feel spects r a very cool n comfy option if ur no. is not very high..... u can even get 6/6 vision without glasses with yoga

lasik is kinda permanent


okk..but my numbers are high.....

btw what abt swimming how long u cant perform that after done with lasik


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hey even i want to get it done in abt 3 yrs

my family doctor told us that it costs abt 25-30k but now a new lasik has come up which solves earlier problems like seeing big round lights in the night while driving.

i'm surely going for it lenses are not working for me i get infection quite often and can't wear glasses coz everyone has forgot i wear glasses coz i weared lenses for 3yrs

dunno abt u but i'll definitely go for lasik even if it costs 50k coz i'm kinda

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rated pm me your email id ill forward a mail which i received from a hospital in mumbai.......also one of a guy i know did lasik when it was introduced in 2003 and had a talk and he said go ahead and he face no probs ..also for lasik only 3 days care need to be taken according to him rather than 1 month which used to in earlier lasers

cost right now is 45k but all post-prior counselling will make it 50k ard now


@enticer: LASIK is absolutely safe, if ya have high powered glass and all, go for it, cost depends upon your location, pm me your location and all, i can give you some good contacts....


even m interesed in lasik!
age: 21
eyesight: -5 both eyes :(
location: ghaziabad/delhi!

would like to know more about it!


Gor for Zyoptix...its an improved form of Lasik...in which all the abberation on your eye is mapped by the computer....laser is then thrown depending on your own specific needs....apart from correcting your vision it eliminates other minor abberations also...resulting in 6/5 or....6/4 Super Vision that is.....I had it 2 weeks back....and my left eye has now 6/4...:)..and right eye is 6/5...most probably.....u cant get back to work in 2-3 days....thats my experience...little haziness hangs around for at least 15 days......the thing is go for an expert Baush & Laumb Centre...no risk for your eyes....rit...?

Go thru the procedure carefully...they will even show you a audio visual....a flap has to be cut out of ur cornea like a lid...and it is then replaced...gets attached normally within 20 mins......however u r advised to "NOT to rub your eyes for 1 month....my advice...never...rub it...why take risk...if something gets in...use tear suppliment soln...to get it out.......

One more thing...after the op...ur eyes will feel dry....needs tear suppliment for 1 month....during the operation u will smell something burning...dont get panicky...its ur retina....after the op....go first see ur Mother....u will ONLY see her most clearly...reason...u know....

The catch is during the op...they will fix a stand over your eyes.....Yell at them...if it hurts...tell them to make it easy....after that....Shout at the Doc....that u will sue him if any blood vessel is ruptured....or bleeding takes place....why I'm saying this is bcoz....they have to elevate ur eye a bit so as to make the cut...for elevation they create a column of vacuum over ur eyes(thats what the stand is used for).....and if the vacuum is high...it may happen that a blood vessel of urs may get punctured due to pressure....which is exactly what happpned in my case.....so be careful and ensure & record the Doc's stement that" There is no bleeding involved!"....for future use or give it to me.....I want to sue my Doc....

Cost is 33K.....I settled for 30K.....they even agreed on installment..gave them a cheque of 10K...which I later stopped.....bocz of this red blot I'm having on my right eye......it has faded away but still 20 % is there.....waiting....

Sorry its a lenghty post....but overall its worth it...money....pain....time....everything.....

Avoid going 4 a contact lense...as it is an external thing so damages ur eye some way or the other....one case is that puts pressure on our eyes and makes the outer layers of ur eyes more close to each other.....making them more prone to dryness.....

My suggestion....ONLY go for ayoptix...as it is a painless process....DON'T go for Lasik...as it is a comparitively painful process.....and even results in Post Op problems.......like watery eyes etc.

Best of Luck...Dont wait....!


thnks for your suggestion khubbu but yours is the first review where i saw so much pain..lol but thanks for sharing heres the mail i got

Dear XYZ,

Thank you for seeking our Hospital to answer your queries on laser vision correction. I, Dr Safala, will give you a brief on our LASIK procedure and answer your queries. Although it is lengthy, I find it important for you to go through it.

Before I go into the details of LASIK, I would first like you to understand that not all LASIK centers will be the same in this aspect primarily because not all have similar technology or expertise. It is of utmost importance that you learn more on what procedures are available today, what technological advancements have been made in this field.

I would like you to take some time and read below and understand details on the LASIK procedure as we have treated spherical numbers as high as -14 D and have treated astigmatism as high as -6.00 D with excellent results but this is not dependent on numbers alone!

The success of laser vision correction or LASIK depends on a multitude of factors, primary being the expertise of the doctor along with a good laser technology in an International standard set up of hygiene and care with stringent eligibility criteria.

Dr. Anand Shroff, our LASIK Surgeon, has several years of experience in LASIK and is among the country’s longest-standing users of the benchmark ‘flying-spot’ laser technology. He is the first to use the fastest laser in the world, the WaveLight Allegretto Eye-Q 400 Hertz excimer laser in India at our Eye Hospital.

Wavefront LASIK or custom LASIK is the most advanced LASIK method today. But it can be performed using various lasers. The speed of the laser and its applications are very important in delivering results. Today, we use the worlds fastest laser the 400 Hertz whereas most other lasers are close to 50-100 Hertz and some to 200-250 Hertz. Also, just having the laser does not mean that all treatments from that laser are done by wavefront, as most other centers in India do less than 10% of their treatments by wavefront.
In our center, we perform wavefront LASIK on 100% of those who are fit for this procedure.

Wavefront procedures are 25 times more accurate than standard procedures.

We believe in the best, having always stood for distinction in eye care.
After working on different lasers and being offered other lasers like Mel 80, Zyoptix, VISIX etc. some, still entering the market, we went ahead with the Wavelight wavefront 400 Hertz laser because of its superior technology. Most lasers are retrofitted for wavefront or to simply put upgraded whilst this laser has been developed for wavefront from scratch. The detailed research in the laser system took into account the needs of the surgeon, patient as well as looked after the many drawbacks of the other laser systems.

Earlier lasers without wavefront technology can only correct the spectacle number, which arises from the curvature irregularities of the cornea. Our laser can treat the entire optical system errors. Further, when we treat these optical errors by doing wavefront, some patients actually gain lines of sight, better than normal, 6/6. Furthermore, with even US FDA data, there are near zero night vision problems faced with this laser which is almost as high as 50% with some lasers. In our experience we have had no patients complain of night vision, glare, halo problems not just because of the laser but also because this is part of their screening process.

However, no amount of technology can replace the surgical expertise. Our hospital is a LASIK center run singularly by Dr Anand Shroff, where he will himself do the pre operative tests and evaluation.
Furthermore, these lasers are very sensitive and one has to take great care in its maintenance and run checks and calibrations with every case. For this we have a Germany trained engineer with us during every LASIK list. In centers open to many, it is found that with many hands using the same equipment, there is no singular responsibility and the onus of maintaining it. We are a completely disposable use center with no record of infection till date.


We evaluate pupil size, dryness of eyes, corneal thickness, topographies etc in our LASIK evaluation. The thickness of the cornea is a very important aspect of screening. We do this with a digital pachymetry test, which would determine if your eye is suitable for LASIK.

What we need from you is
1. No contact lens wear for 5 days to a week [soft CL]. This is because the lenses sit straight on top of the cornea and flatten it. We need accurate measurements and we want to perform this procedure just once.
2. The procedure of evaluation takes an hour and a half in our office since we dilate the pupils. We request you to have someone accompanying you to drive back as you will not be able to self drive.
3. The LASIK procedure takes about 20 mins in all. The laser treatment itself is very short. Our laser treats one dioptre in 2.5 secs, so the actual treatment even for numbers like -12 takes just 30 secs. This is the 400 Hertz difference.
4. We send you home immediately after that explaining the after care of eye drops, see you next morning once and at least 5- 7 days later if in Mumbai.

It is most important that you choose the center by seeing a combination of factors. The expertise of the doctor, the international standards and hygiene of the center and also important the laser.
We are proud to say that being the only eye hospital in India to be certified by USA with JCI accreditation from the JCAHO international body, with strict protocols and being one of only few centers in the world and the first hospital in India to have the 400 Hertz wavefront technology, we offer a far superior, safe and reliable technology at affordable comparable prices.

Consultation : Rs 700/- [This includes clinical and auto refraction, slit lamp examination of cornea, intra ocular pressure check, retinal check]
LASIK Tests : Rs 1250/- [This incliudes pupil check, dry eye tests, topography maps, aberrometry maps and digital pachymetry]
The cost of the LASIK procedure (surgery) is Rs 45,000/- for both eyes, unless you have a thin cornea or high numbers wherein a special kit is used for long term safety and stability of the numbers. This also covers all your medications and immediate post procedure checks.

The payment can be made by cash or credit card [Master, Visa]
The wavefront technology we use is different, our laser being built from scratch for wavefront. We are proud of our expertise, as Dr Anand Shroff also trains other doctors worldwide on wavefront LASIK.
Hence, it would be fair to only compare us with similar centers abroad where the cost of this LASIK would be $4000 to $5000 USD.
A similar center in London has the Wavelight 400 Hertz laser, where the charges will be about 4000 UK Pounds for both eyes. The 400 Hertz in fact has just entered USA [they work with the 200 Hertz laser and still charge 4000 USD] for both eyes!

You can also visit our website at www. lasikindia.in for more information and also the testimonials from our other patients, especially the special instructions for people coming from abroad about travelling etc. For details on the laser we use and what US experts say about it also look into this link

Sorry for the really lengthy reply, but we want to give all possible information to you to make you comfortable with us and well informed. Please feel free to contact me if you need any further information.
Look forward to seeing you as a part of our growing LASIK family!

Warm regards
Dr Safala Shroff

Shroff Eye Hospital is India's First Eye Hospital that the Joint Commission International (International Division of JCAHO, USA) has given accreditation for excellence in patient care and health care delivery. Shroff Eye is also India's first Wavelight Allegretto Eye Q LASIK center.

Dr Safala Shroff
Refractive and Surgery Coordinator
Shroff Eye Hospital-LASIK
222, S V Road,
Bandra West
Mumbai 400 050

Phone: 022 - 66921000/ 66939372
Fax: 022 - 66949880
email: safalashroff@yahoo.com

Shroff Eye Clinic
Gobind Mahal
86 - B Netaji Subhash Road
Marine Drive
Mumbai 400 002
Phone: 022 - 22814077, 2811863, 22029242
Fax: 022 - 22812751
email: shroffeye@vsnl.com


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sorry cudnt read all.....i nearly fainted readin em....m using lens but wud suggest u can go for it...nowadays they r more safe



I've been thinking about LASIK for quite some time now, but I've been too afraid to toy with the eye, and will indeed do full research before I decide on going for this, money is no factor.....afteall it's the matter of eyecare, I've -2 both eyes. Not a big number, but I find it almost impossible to wear specs, have been using contacts for 7 years now, but last few months I am finding it strangely difficult to use contacts fo unknown reasons, tried changing contact lenses/ changing solution etc.... dunno what happened after 7 years of hassle free use...

BTW, why is this thread in Chit Chat, this is wrong section, and this should be in QnA, this is a genuine Tech related question and must be discussed there, I request any of the mods to please move it.
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No pain yaar....actually it is...as they say...a painless process but my main problem was that spot on my eye......i never expected it in the first place....get a confirmation on mail from this Doctor...that there will be no bleeding.

Why u have never heard of such feedback coz ppl forget after 2-3 yrs that there was a little spot for few weeks....In my case it was bigger....so more frustation....I will send u a pic of my eye..a day after operation...if u want...

The procedure described in the mail is same....almost...I would suggest Bausch & Lomb over other private Doctor....

@ Kniwor
-2 is nothing.....but if u r really fed up with CLs...go for it.....btw how long does ur lens lasts ?


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hey even i have -5 in left and -6 in right but dunno if the procedure is so painful the e-mail looks better and also i kinda don't trust the baush & laumb ppl coz i have never been satisfied with my cls
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i stopped using bausch and lomb as i was getting lot of irritation....also the same time in us the fungal issue came up...i would recommend to go under some expert docter...though the guys above look trusty ill try to take details from aditya jyot hospital and 1 more eye hospital around...but most probably will do from docter nitin dhehdia in bandra....my frnd did frm him in 2003...also he has done same operation on lot of actors...and since actors having so much money dont go to us and do it here than he really might be some worth...with that same feeling my frnd did it and said there is no pain involve
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