issue: system goes off suddenly without warning.


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my Config:
CPU: Intel Q6600 Quad core
MOBO: Intel
Ram: 4 GB
GPU: 5760 Sapphire 1Gb DDR5 (2 yrs old)
PSU: Corsair (2 yrs old)
HDD: 250gb Samsung sata

AGE of system: 6 years old

Problem: My system suddenly (without any worning / noise / buzzer) goes OFF and starts again. The problem mainly occurs while starting the system, once I click the start botton... the system starts (the processor fan, Cabinet fan starts) and then jus within 3-4 sec it switches off and restarts, this repeats. After a few attempts the system will start and if the luck is besides me... it will run smooth for Hours (allowing me to plays games for hours). but sometimes it may go off after 10-15 mins....

Suspect: My first doubt was since it was raining heavily from last 1 month and my system is located close to the Window.. i thought it was affected with moisture..

So I dismantelled all the components, cleaned the dust, blew off dust, blowed hot air (mild) and assembled again.
Still the same problem.

please let me know ... if someone has any idea wht might be wrong with my system.

It could be psu or motherboard issue. Try running your pc with some other psu. Also, are you using and ups? And dont blow hot air again.


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did a paper clip test ... as spcified on the Corsair website .. with a fan...
PSU worked perfect...
Also tested the MOBO with another PSU ... ... which again gave the same problem...

so my conclusion will be ... MOBO seems to be the problem.

Please suggest what should i do...
Should i check to repair the MOBO?
Should I replace the MOBO... (In this case i will have to go for a low cost MOBO..)
Or is there a posiibility that the Prolem is with the CPU??

Pls help.

my system config attached.

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yesterday gave my MOBO to Local Chip-level repair center... the technician say.. theres some problem of signal from CPU reveived by MOBO.
he says.. will give give back in a days time and charges will be around Rs300.
will be getting it today eveinig...


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Finally got the mobo..... The repairer says the mobo is dead...

So o guess ... Its tome to upgrade the system.....
So droping out CPU MOBO and Ram.......

Closing the thead ... Thanks a lot...
Reqest all to suggest new configuration.. In the advice section... Starting a new thread ther
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