Is ReadyBoost on a 4 GB RAM laptop useful?


Wise Old Owl
I have a mini laptop with 4 GB soldered RAM. Presently I am not in a position to put in an SSD.

Just remembered about ReadyBoost. If there is a USB 3 port and USB 3 flash stick, is it useful to use it that way? Or will using an SD card be better?


Cyborg Agent
In case you're planning to optimize windows instead of installing a linux distribution (mint/Ubuntu/...), which is a good way to use a less powerful system:

Here's a powershell script with gui:

For more help regarding using this script, there are youtube videos that explain. I came across this via Jayztwocents' on youtube.

P.S. the script does remove many things. You might be planning to use some of them. It's a good idea to first modify the Blacklist according to your usage before actually debloating.

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