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Dear All ,
I am upgrading my laptop previous HDD (SATA 2) and received valuable suggestions in this forum about buying genuine HDD.
While surfing specs of some HDD's,I came across terms like CMR,SMR.
I saw here about SMR technology that it is best suitable for backup purposes only.
My usage is mostly Software development and very light entertainment (web surfing and watching videos).
Is the HDD with SMR technology fits my use case?
Please suggest.


No, SMR drives tend to perform a lot slower and are painful to work with even as external drives (I bought one and used for about a year now). Avoid like the plague.

Google for specs of whatever you're planning to buy and go through carefully.

Some further resources are available at

Stay safe....


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Thank you for the info.
Nowadays using hdd is recommended only for storage of multimedia content/data, for work/day-to-day tasks a ssd is must. Get kingston A400 480gb sata 2.5" ssd for around 5k. Use your laptop hdd as portable external hdd by using this usb enclosure:
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