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Mozilla brings on OSG (open source Gaming)


Humble and Mozilla have partnered up to make these games (and more unveiled next week) available to run right in your browser using asm.js and WebGL web technology. No need to download Steam, no need to download plugins. If you're running a modern build of Firefox or Chrome you can run all eight games just by hitting the Play button on the Humble page. If you're running Firefox you can even check out a demo of the tech by heading to the Firefox Start Page.

Try it out!!! Mozilla Bundle


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Yea. It's great. And as much as the games prove the power of Browser, it's mostly seems good for Chromebook owners.

In our country however internet speeds play a bigger role in discouraging users to play online. One can wait patiently and download a game once, but I doubt if players would be willing to have patience to wait "everytime" when one needs to play the game for downloading it everytime.


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Yeah nice initiative. Probably not very viable in our country but many people are going to benefit. Great new type of bundle :)
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